What makes Medical Air Service the no. 1 choice for medical repatriation flights India

India has one of the fastest developing tourism sectors in the world, and over 6% of the nation’s GDP (gross domestic product) comes from tourism alone. From a wide range of exotic holiday-destinations and world-famous business districts to states offering medical tourism are all responsible factors for the influx of foreign travellers to the country. According to a survey, Tamil Nadu is the most visited state, followed by Maharashtra, Uttar Pradesh and Delhi.

There is also a large number of Indian travelers taking outbound flights to foreign destinations around the world for leisure, business or medical purposes. With the rise in the traffic of people flying in and out of India, there’s also a hike in the need for emergency medical repatriation flights to/from India. While we ideally think of coming back home with wonderful experiences, fond memories, and great accomplishments, the real world is unfortunately not always so easy-going.

What Makes Medical Air Service The No. 1 Choice For Medical Repatriation Flights India

Why do you need medical repatriation?

Every year hundreds of foreign travellers, visiting India fall terribly sick or face an accident making it impossible for them to take a commercial flight back henceforth leaving medical flights as the only option to reach home safely. While travel insurance or health insurance may cover some of the medical expenses, it might not include or only partially include the cost of an air ambulance to or from India.

So, whether you’re stuck in an Indian hospital or wish to get back home; or are coming back to India to be treated by your trusted Indian doctor, we will make sure your medical repatriation or evacuation is as swift and seamless possible through our global air medical services network.

Why choose Medical Air Service for medical flights to/ from India

Diverse Fleet of aircraft and air ambulances:

We are an international air ambulance company with a complete fleet of medical planes, ambulance jets, and ambulance helicopters, to arrange a medical evacuation for you in any part of the world. Some of our aircraft are Beechcraft King Air 200, Boeing Business Jet, Bombardier Learjet 35, Dornier 328-100, and Gulfstream G150. We can handle any kind of medical evacuation in the smoothest way possible, with unpaired & reduced waiting time.

Fully equipped air ambulances:

Our jet ambulances are fully equipped with the latest equipment and other medical facilities that can be used to provide first aid to critically ill patients. Although we use specific equipment depending upon the health condition of a patient, some of the common equipment used include monitoring equipment, ventilators, rescue suction units, infusion pumps, perfusions, mobile blood analysis devices (EPOC), ultrasound equipment, ventilator babylogs, portable incubators, and external pacemakers.

icu equipment in plane

Medical Escort Service

We provide medical escort service for mobile yet weak patients who require extra care due to a medical condition. A specialised paramedic or physician will accompany the patient in this case. This service is available for both business class and economy class flights. Medical escorts are usually required on long-distance flights when the patient is weak.

Alliances With A Wide Network Of Indian Airports

We have tie-ups with more than 100 airports in the major and minor cities in India. From Indira Gandhi International Airport in Delhi to Tiruchirappalli Civil Airport in Tiruchirappalli, we have a wide network that enables us to reach even the smaller cities with ease. This helps in minimizing ground transportation.  Once you arrive at the airport, our pre-arranged ambulance will pick you up and take you to your home or the hospital of your choice.

Taking Care Of Formalities

As a medical repatriation company with strong experience throughout the Indian territory, our team at Medical Air Service knows that you and your family members are under huge stress during such times; hence we take care of all the paperwork. From getting permissions from the local authorities and taking discharge from the foreign hospital to formalities involved in getting critically ill patients admitted in their homeland hospital, we are there to help you throughout the process.

24/7 Support

Most importantly, we are available 24/7 for consulting and listening to your queries. When you fall sick in a foreign land or face an unfortunate accident, and don’t know where to go, just give us a call. We not only provide the highest level of care while transporting you from a foreign country to India or from India to your homeland, but our rates are also the most affordable in the industry guaranteeing attractive medical repatriation costs.

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