What kinds of air ambulance exist?

An air ambulance (sometimes referred to as a rescue plane) is an aircraft that has been professionally equipped as a flying ambulance and can either be a turboprop or jet plane specifically operated for a multitude of air medical services including medical evacuations or emergency air medical repatriations.

What kinds of air ambulance exist?

Turbo-prop rescue planes are rather slower than ambulance jets but have the advantage of being cheaper to operate, as well as being capable of landing at small, regional airports with shorter runways which would not be long enough for jet aircraft. Being a smaller aircraft enables some turbo-prop air ambulances such as the King Air 90, King Air 200, Piper Cheyenne etc. to land closer to their target location.

However, current ambulance jets such as the Learjet, Citation Bravo, Citation Mustang, Bombardier Challenger, Boeing Business Jet, Hawker, Embraer Phenom do have the advantage of speed and range, enabling them to collect and repatriate patients between continents extremely quickly.

Both ambulance jets and turboprop planes hold their own advantages when considering medevac flights or emergency repatriations. It goes without saying that you can select your own air ambulance from us – we do not dictate what you should have. One tip: If you need an aircraft for repatriation or other patient transport we can supply information in advance about the ambulance jets, rescue planes or medical helicopters we employ.

Moreover, should you have any questions regarding medical repatriation, we are happy to offer you round-the-clock advice by telephone to help you make the right choice!

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If you would like to know more about the kinds of aircraft used for ambulance flights, please see our list of FAQs.

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