What does travelling on a Commercial Airline Stretcher look like?

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Going to the hospital can be a daunting experience for some. What happens then when you have to travel abroad to receive treatment? How are you going to manage? What about the flight? Will it have the equipment needed? What if you fall sick? What if you cannot even sit properly? How are you going to manage?! 

Medical Air Service is here to help you in your times of need. An expert in the area of medical flights, both in terms of medical evacuations and repatriations, we have professionals who will take care of everything for you. We provide a wide array of services that will allow you or your loved ones to travel to another destination to receive medical treatment safely and effectively. One of these is via a Commercial Airline Stretcher. Let’s have a look at what this is. 

Ambulance stretcher 

What is a Commercial Airline Stretcher Flight? 

In many cases, patients are quite stable but cannot sit up at all. For instance, they may have suffered an injury that requires them to lie down at all times. You might think that it is impossible to travel in a commercial flight in this case, with the seats being pretty small and not much leg space available.

Thanks to a Commercial Airline Stretcher and the services that Medical Air Service offers, this is not an issue. This is a type of medical bed that has been built to transport patients to another location on a scheduled flight by an airline. It is optimised to ensure their comfort and safety so that the transfer is done in the most secure way possible. 

Two Commercial Airline Stretcher services at your disposal

Medical Air Service has two types of Commercial Airline Stretcher service at your disposal. 

  1. The patient travels on a stretcher that is set up in the passenger cabin. He/She will be able to lie down comfortably all throughout the flight. Medical staff and relatives will be alongside to ensure that he is cared for and to provide moral support, respectively. Moreover, you do not have to worry about being in an uncomfortable situation since we have taken care to protect your privacy. The Commercial Airline Stretcher is separated from other passengers by a screen, so you will have a personal space. 
  2. Patients requiring intensive care can travel on a Commercial Airline Stretcher in a separate Patient Transport Compartment. In some circumstances, a Patient Transport Compartment is set up for long-distance flight and has all the medical equipment, such as oxygen tank, portable ECG machine, infection protection sets, bucket-type support, defibrillator, injection pumps and others, available in an ambulance to ensure that the patient is taken care of, even if he requires artificial respiration and other treatments en route. It can even be equipped to care for infants and babies. However, setting up a PTC on a scheduled flight is dependent on the airline’s approval and this is a rare occurrence

In both cases, Medical Air Service ensures that its staff is equipped with the necessary tools to ensure the highest level of medical care is given to the patient during the journey. 

Commercial Airline Stretcher flights: Your Journey Illustrated

If you choose to travel on our Commercial Airline Stretcher flight, Medical Air Service takes care of everything for you, right from your doorstep. Our service is not restricted just to the flight itself. Instead, we ensure that the patient is cared for and safe, right from the moment that he leaves his house or the hospital. Our experts are here to assist you before, during and after the stretcher flight. What can you expect from your flight with Medical Air Service? 

  1. Our medical team will collect the patient at the hospital where he will be transferred into a ground ambulance. Our staff will accompany him to the airport. This ensures that he is safe and cared for during the transfer. 

  2. At the airport, the patient, with assistance from our medical staff, will board the airplane on a stretcher. 

  3. On the flight, as mentioned, the patient will travel lying down either separated via a screen or in a Patient Transport Compartment. Our medical team will have the necessary equipment and medication on hand to care for and treat the patient, should any complication arise.

  4. At the destination, the patient will disembark from the flight on a stretcher and will be transferred to a ground ambulance that will already be on standby.

  5. From there, he will be securely taken to the hospital, again under the supervision of our medical team. 

Why opt for a Commercial Airline Stretcher flight? 

It is without a doubt that the benefits of traveling via a Commercial Airline Stretcher flight are many. What are some of the perks that you can enjoy? 

  • Medical Equipment: The necessary medical equipment is available to ensure that the patient is traveling in a safe environment. 

  • Staff: Medical Air Service has a team of experts on-hand who will care for the patient and offer the necessary care in case a complication arises during the flight or transit. 

  • Affordable option: Traveling via a Commercial Airline Stretcher on a commercial flight is more affordable than a private air ambulance. Depending on your budget, it is ideal if your condition is stable enough. 

  • Bed-to-bed services: Medical Air Service offers bed-to-bed services, which ensures that you are safe right from the moment you leave the hospital until you reach the destination hospital of your choice. 

  • Peace of mind: You can travel without worrying about anything since you or your loved ones are cared for with the highest standards of safety ensured. 

Is a Commercial Airline Stretcher the right option for you? 

When should you opt for a Commercial Airline Stretcher? Is this the right option for you? The first thing that you must take into consideration is whether your medical condition allows you to transfer to a commercial flight. This means that you must be stable enough and not have a physical injury or another medical condition that is life-threatening. It is perfect if you do not require immediate treatment

Additionally, this decision is also based on your flight route. Stretcher flights are ideal if you can travel to your destination country via a direct flight with no transit. This ensures that there are no delays and you do not have to worry about handling transits should your initial flight leg have any delay 

In these cases, you and your loved ones may travel safely via an option that is much more affordable. 

Are other air ambulance and medical transportation options more viable?

At Medical Air Service, your safety is our top priority. Thus, it is necessary to note that in some cases, other options, rather than a Commercial Airline Stretcher, are more apt for you. It is important to get in touch with our experts to be fully versed with our available options.  What factors must be taken into consideration?

  • Urgent medical conditions: Travelling on a Commercial Airline Stretcher requires some prep time.  Typically, preparing a scheduled flight for a patient transfer can be done in as quickly as one or two days while Patient Transport Compartments need some additional time to be equipped. However, in many cases, the patient’s medical condition does not allow him to wait for so much time. As such, if you have an urgent condition that requires immediate attention, an ambulance aircraft or helicopter is the ideal option. Medical Air Service is able to provide such air ambulances at extremely short notice so that intensive care patients do not have to wait in agony. 

  • Transits and delays: If you have a direct flight from your current location to your destination, then a Commercial Airline Stretcher is a great option. You can still consider this option if there are transits since our medical team is available to assist you while changing flights. Nonetheless, it should be noted that this might involve delays or cancellations that are beyond our control. In contrast, a private air ambulance will take you directly to your destination within the expected time. There are no delays to worry about. 

  • With a private air ambulance aircraft, the handling process at the airport, both when boarding or disembarking is much quicker and smoother. You do not have to wait for other passengers to board or get off the flight. The process is completed without delays in a seamless and private way. No need to worry about other passengers onlooking the whole process. Additionally, with a private aircraft, both the patient and accompanying loved ones can travel comfortably and staff can care for the patient in a more convenient way without being inhibited. 

Medical Air Service offers other options

As such depending on your medical condition and your situation, you have a wide variety of flight options to choose from. Medical Air Service offers several services, each one offering its sets of advantages. Some of them are: 

  • Commercial airline repatriation
  • Private ambulance aircraft
  • Helicopter air ambulance
  • Pediatric Incubator transport

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