US medical repatriation from the Maldives: 3 options in case of a medical emergency in the Maldives

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Are you hearing the call of a "farniente" vacation where the sun and sea will carry you away? Explore the Maldives! It is surrounded by the Indian Ocean and has a warm climate all year.

The key points to remember about medical repatriation from the Maldives:

Medical emergencies are common during summer vacations. With only three hospitals in the Maldives' capital, critically ill or injured patients are frequently evacuated to Sri Lanka or India for more appropriate treatment. As a result, prompt or long-term treatment in the United States may be more efficient. If flying commercially is not an option, we can fly patients back home in a dedicated air ambulance.


5 must-do experiences in the Maldives

The Maldives is a seaside paradise known for its beautiful beaches and deep-water coral reefs. If you decide to visit the archipelago and are wondering how to brighten up your holidays, here are our 5 recommendations:

  • Scuba diving and snorkeling: Be mesmerized by the water's beauty and clarity and the multicolored fish while diving and snorkeling in Maldives’ blue lagoons.
  • Night fishing: Fishing at dusk after a day of lazing on the beach is an entirely different experience. Luckily, you’ll catch larger fish which mainly come out at night to feed.
  • Swimming with sharks: Dive to a depth of 15-20 meters for a thrilling interaction with whale sharks and manta rays. It's like being inside a massive aquarium.
  • Flying over the atolls and islets: Enjoy the transparency of the water and the colors of the lagoons from the air, which contrast with the deep blue of the ocean, during a seaplane ride.
  • Flyboarding: As the latest craze in the world of water sports, flyboarding will give you the ecstasy of flying while using jet propulsion powered by a watercraft.

Common medical emergencies and injuries while on holiday in Maldives

We've all heard how exciting summer vacations can be, with new places to visit and adrenaline-pumping activities to try. However, with the risk of accident injuries increasing during this time of year, be cautious of the following most common holiday medical emergencies in the Maldives:

  • Scuba diving and snorkeling: Decompression sickness, arterial air embolism, and drowning are all risks of these deep-water activities.
  • Night fishing: Slipping and falling accidents are common on unlit boats, leading to a fracture or broken bone. Someone may also strike unseen “objects”, causing a piercing injury to one of their fellows.
  • Swimming with sharks: These apex predators may attack if they misidentify a person as prey, especially in shallow and murky waters with poor vision. They may also fight if they feel threatened. Attacks frequently occur when swimmers do something that triggers aggressive action.
  • A seaplane ride: Seaplanes are at the mercy of nature’s unpredictability. Strong gusting wind or birds appearing out of nowhere may cause a crash resulting in severe traumatic injuries.
  • Flyboarding: Participation in this powered water sport is associated with risks of falling on rocky shoreline, reefs, and docks, head, neck, and back injuries from a crash landing, marine life attacks, and collisions with boaters and other watercraft if stranded in the middle of an open boating channel

leg injury

Cardiovascular problems, strokes, and gastrointestinal infections are also common holiday medical emergencies. If not treated promptly, these conditions can quickly deteriorate and have long-term consequences.

Overview of the Maldives healthcare- Why return to the US in the event of a medical emergency?

The Maldivian healthcare system has changed dramatically over the last three decades as a result of major infrastructural investments and all citizens now have easy access to high-quality medical care. Male, on the other hand, has only three hospitals with modern medical facilities. As a result, if a patient suffers from a serious illness/injury or complications from a chronic medical condition, they must be evacuated to Sri Lanka or India, where adequate medical care is available.

In this regard, US medical repatriation, which can be accomplished via a medical escort on a commercial flight or a dedicated air ambulance, ensures that you receive the appropriate treatment and care in your home country. Returning to the US in the event of a medical emergency in the Maldives also allows you to get full coverage from your health insurance, be closer to your loved ones, and easily communicate with health practitioners.

Your international US medical repatriation options explained

Commercial medical escorts

Our commercial medical escort service provides professional, knowledgeable, and trained medical team members to safely transport your loved one to the US. It is the ideal service for anyone who wants to avoid traveling alone or who may require some extra assistance while flying commercially. Our highly qualified nurses, doctors, and paramedics not only provide quality medical care to each patient, but also go above and beyond to ensure a smooth and comfortable flight experience.

scheduled flight

Our commercial medical escort service also features the following benefits:

  • Escort from the departure airport to your destination
  • Handling wheelchair assistance
  • Coordinating airport check-in
  • Carrying onboard luggage
  • Guidance through an expedited security checkpoint
  • Assistance during boarding and connecting flights
  • Retrieval of luggage at the baggage claim

Commercial stretcher service

Commercial stretchers are a great alternative to air ambulances if the patient is unable to sit up and requires a lie-flat position throughout the transport. Our qualified medical personnel, who ensure that the patient receives quality patient care and medical attention throughout the flight, can complement a commercial stretcher flight. We can also handle all of the logistics and arrangements so that they travel in comfort and peace of mind. However, detailed medical clearance and coordination with airlines are required, so it takes approximately 5 to 7 days to complete all arrangements.

US air ambulances

Our air ambulances are most commonly used when someone has a serious accident or suffers from a serious illness while they are far from home. We have a team of friendly and knowledgeable flight coordinators on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. They are ready to plan and oversee every detail of your medical transfer, including ground transportation in the departure and arrival countries, aeromedical transportation, and personalized medical care and attention. We also ensure expert medical staff, cutting-edge aircraft, and experienced pilots.

ambulance jet

Why book with us?

Each medical flight is quoted individually based on the patient's specific needs. Our team will assist you in determining the cost of your medical flight and will go over payment options with you.

Thanks to our fleet of air ambulance aircraft that are always on the move for our clients, we are sometimes able to match your flight with an existing mission, creating the opportunity for significant savings.

You don't have to get the patient to the airport yourself with our bed-to-bed service. We'll arrange medical transportation to the air ambulance and to the final destination as well.

COVID-19 patients can rely on us for safe medical air transportation in the United States. If you or a loved one has tested positive for COVID-19 in the Maldives and needs to be flown home or to a healthcare facility, we can provide the air ambulance services you require while adhering to the strictest sanitization and safety standards. To prevent contamination, we use portable isolation units with multiple ports and modern air ventilation systems.

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