Seven things that influence the cost of medical repatriation and how you could save on your air ambulance flight

Let’s face it: it costs a lot to get travelers back home when they fall ill abroad, but life is more precious than money! Many people are apprehensive about medevac services, considering them too expensive. However, if you take into account the challenges you and your family members may face in a foreign country if one of you has an accident, falls ill or faces any other medical emergency, this is just a small price to pay.

What is an air ambulance so expensive?

Air ambulance companies have to face several hurdles when getting patients home from a foreign country. The further away they are, the higher the fuel costs are for the medical evacuation back home. In most cases, patients want to be taken to their home country, not the nearest medical center, and this results in the high cost of medevac services.

Some of the other factors that affect costs include:

  1. The distance to be covered
  2. The type of aircraft required
  3. The medical crew that will escort the patient
  4. Gaining clearance from regulatory bodies
  5. Obtaining the necessary permission to travel to high-risk areas
  6. Airport landing charges
  7. Ground ambulance costs.

Distance to be covered by air ambulance

 It's easy to do the maths. If an air ambulance takes patients from a foreign country to the nearest center of medical excellence, it will cost less. However, if the patient's family insists that the patient is taken back to his home country to receive medical care, it will obviously cost more.

At Medical Air Service, we offer medevac services across the globe - and offer our best possible rates to keep the cost of medical repatriation affordable.

Type of aircraft required

The type of ambulance aircraft needed for a medical flight depends on the condition of the patient, the number of people traveling with them, and the equipment they need. Critically ill patients may need an ambulance helicopter evacuation as this aircraft can take off and land at the hospital without requiring any ground ambulance, making the journey shorter. On the other hand, people flying after a stroke may require an aircraft with special medical equipment and doctors to ensure a safe trip home.

Medical staff to escort the patient

The medical crew that will go with a patient in the air ambulance also has an effect on cost. The crew will include pilots, nurses and doctors to provide emergency medical care during the flight.

Clearance from regulatory bodies

7 vital factors that influence the medical repatriation cost

Medical Air Service takes care of all formalities to get clearance to fly from the regulatory bodies in the foreign country. The patient may also require clearance from a doctor, saying that they are fit to fly

Permission to travel to high-risk areas

If the patient is from a country that is considered a high-risk area or which is considered to be a war zone, it will be expensive to get permission for medical repatriation impacting medical repatriation costs.

Airport landing charges

When patients are evacuated using chartered flights, airports charge landing and handling fees, which have a direct effect on the cost of medical repatriation. Extra fees may be charged if the airport has to be kept open for the air ambulance to land or take off, or for aircraft de-icing fees.

Medical Air Service has alliances with major airports around the world, so we can offer air ambulance services almost anywhere on the map.

The cost of traveling by ground ambulance

After the aircraft lands at the destination airport, a ground ambulance is required to take the patient to the medical center of their choice. This additional cost is included in the overall cost of the medical evacuation package.

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