Private Medical Flights: Why Opt for One?

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Illness or injury are often unpredictable events. Anyone can fall terribly sick, or get severely injured without any warning, despite being in tip-top health. In certain cases, such unfortunate occurrences may necessitate the transfer of the patient to hospital via an air ambulance in order to receive urgent or specialized medical care.

What are air ambulances?

Air ambulances are aircraft that come specially fitted with medical equipment and with medical personnel on board, whose purpose is to transport sick or injured patients from the site of the incident to a hospital, or from one hospital to another.

Aside from the transport of patients, air ambulances are also used in special medical cases that are time sensitive, such as the transport of organs, blood samples, plasma and frozen section samples from biopsies, as their viability, as well as the survival of the patient, is dependent on the speed and efficiency at which they reach the hospital. 

Air ambulances aircraft are classified into two categories: helicopter ambulances, and ambulance planes. Moreover, scheduled flights are also a viable medical flight option whereby patients are flown in commercial airlines accompanied by a paramedic, or private medical flights either in business class or on a stretcher depending on their medical condition

Air Ambulance planes are equipped to the same level as intensive care wards, and thus have the ability to safely transfer patients who are in critical condition, as well as having the option to be specially equipped to meet the needs of a patient.

Private medical flights provide a host of benefits to the patient, such as:

Quick and immediate flights

When taking a commercial flight, one has to book a ticket for a scheduled departure time, which may not always be possible in urgent cases as the availability of tickets is not guaranteed. Private medical flights, on the other hand, are readily available to be dispatched to the destination of choice.

Short lead times

In cases where a patient may require to be transported by a scheduled flight, a commercial airline will first have to determine whether it is possible to transport the patient and moreover make time to install a stretcher to accommodate a patient through a standard commercial aircraft, On the other hand, private medical flights through air ambulance planes or helicopters are dispatched in most cases between 1 to 3 days, as we understand that time is of the essence for the patient’s survival.

Direct flights to the destination

Some destinations require connecting flights, which  take up valuable time that a patient may not have. Private medical flights fly directly to the destination without the need for stop overs, thus saving on time.

Comfort and privacy

Certain patients prefer to maintain their privacy when unwell, which commercial airline flights will not be able to offer. Private medical flights provide the patient with privacy and comfort to fly for treatment, as well as the option to be accompanied by family or friends on board the plane.

When it comes to transporting a patient, the time taken is literally a matter of life or death. Speed is a factor to consider, from organizing the means of transport for the patient, to the time it takes to the patient to the hospital.  At Medical Air Service, we understand the importance of speed in such situations, and that is why we provide the shortest lead times with free consultation for a quote to book an air ambulance for a private medical flight.  

How to book an air ambulance?

The procedures for booking a flight with Medical Air Service are as follows:

Step 1: Contact us

The first step to booking a flight with us is reaching out through the following ways:

We are happy to call you back, free of charge, to talk to you and clarify your needs, before providing you with a free estimate and give you time to consider our offer and get back to us.

You will then receive a written quotation from us upon completing all flight plans, that lists the flight details (e.g., the flight time, the meeting point, the pick-up time, etc.).

Step 2: Thorough Consultation

The patient’s medical condition and safety is our priority. Our multilingual physicians and medical flight experts will study the patient’s medical notes to determine a patient’s flight requirements, optimal routes and the unique needs of the patient

Step 3: Fit-to-travel assessment

Before flying, the patient’s medical condition is carefully assessed to determine if they are fit to travel by air. Pre-existing medical conditions that may be affected by changes in cabin pressure, such as respiratory problems, together with infectious diseases (including COVID-19), psychiatric problems, or recent surgical wounds can lead to the patient to be deemed unfit to fly.

Our doctors have years of experience and can accurately assess a patient’s fitness and travel requirements for transport, and qualified medical staff will accompany the patient on the plane as they will be responsible for the patient’s well-being. The patient’s family will be consulted prior to the flight, as there still might be a small risk of them falling ill during a flight, but we are nonetheless sufficiently equipped to handle any medical emergencies while in the air.

Step 4: Confirm your booking.

Once everything is in order and  the payment is cleared, we shall proceed with your flight. We usually accept bank transfers or payment by credit card for the air ambulance flight.

Contact us for a private medical flight

If you have any questions regarding booking a private medical flight, or costs,  our team is happy to help. Our team members are available 24/7 to provide advice. We can arrange quick medical flights worldwide.

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