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The vibrant city life of the capital, Bangkok, the cultural treasures of Ayutthaya, the beautiful sandy beaches of Koh Samui or the nightlife of Pattaya – add summer weather all year round and it is no wonder that Thailand attracts thousands of tourists year after year. But if a sudden illness or accident requires extensive medical care, most tourists want to continue their treatment in their home country as soon as possible.

That too is no wonder: medical care in Thailand varies greatly. There are private clinics with high medical standards as well as completely overstretched state hospitals with the lowest standards and inadequate care. The language barrier complicates any communication with hospital staff. Last but not least, many foreign patients in Thailand suffer from the fact that friends and family are thousands of miles away and thus cannot provide any support. Therefore, the demand for medical repatriations from Thailand is high.

Medical repatriation from Thailand by scheduled airliner

As a popular tourist destination, Thailand is served by major international airports with direct flights or with a stopover. If the health status of the patient allows it, these scheduled flights can also be used for medical repatriations. This is a cheaper option compared to patient transport in an air ambulance. Various options can be considered for patient repatriation aboard a scheduled airliner.

Medically accompanied flight

Patients who can be transported sitting upright and are not in an acute medical condition can be repatriated on a medically accompanied flight. A paramedic or specialist doctor stays close to the patient throughout the flight and can intervene immediately in the event of an emergency.

In order to ensure the mental wellbeing of the patient during the flight home from Thailand, we not only pay attention to professional but also human qualities when selecting the medical flight attendant. This is particularly crucial on long-haul flights so that the patient feels completely comfortable.

The majority of our medically accompanied medical repatriations from Thailand are booked in Business Class. On request, they can also in many cases be arranged in Economy Class.

Transport lying on a patient stretcher bed

Even if you use the major airports you will need to count on a flight time of more than 12 hours for most destinations when returning from Thailand. Depending on the exact starting point and destination, the flight can take much longer. Many patients cannot sit for such long stretches due to their state of health. Therefore, they need to be transported lying down.

In cooperation with well-known airlines such as Air France and Emirates, we also offer medical repatriation flights by airliner on a patient stretcher bed. To enable this, a row of seats is removed and replaced by a stretcher bed. A screen separates this area from the rest of the cabin so that the patient's privacy is preserved.

A specialist doctor or paramedic accompanies the patient throughout the flight and can respond quickly if needed. Relatives are also welcome to accompany the patient on the flight: they are given a regular passenger seat in the immediate vicinity of the patient.

These stretcher transports by scheduled airliner usually require several days lead time. Therefore, they are usually not suitable for urgent medical repatriations.

Medical repatriation from Thailand by ambulance jet

Medical repatriations from Thailand by scheduled airliner may not be possible for various reasons:

  • The health status of the patient does not allow this
  • The lead time is too long
  • The patient is too far away from an airport where large airliners are able to land.

In these cases, medical repatriation on board an ambulance jet is the best option. The patient is looked after by a specialized medical team aboard the aircraft. Modern medical intensive care equipment ensures the best possible treatment. Ambulance jets can be deployed quickly – often on the same day or the next. In contrast to scheduled flights, they can also fly to smaller airports. Therefore, even seriously ill patients can be brought home safely.

Medical repatriation from Thailand with Medical Air Service: your benefits

We will organize your medical repatriation from Thailand by scheduled airliner or ambulance jet. With us, you benefit from our many years of experience, our worldwide transport network, and our comprehensive services. As your one-stop-shop, we can organize the entire patient transport from bed to bed and can also take care of all the necessary ground transports to and from the airport.

Upon request, our international colleagues can also handle communication with the hospital staff in Thailand and can take care of all the formalities. Since our operations center is staffed around the clock, the time difference is not a problem for us. Of course, we are also available to advise you and answer any queries 24 hours a day.

How much does medical repatriation from Thailand cost?

The cost of medical repatriation from Thailand depends on various factors and is therefore calculated individually. The chosen means of transport is the most important factor, but other issues also play a role:

  • What is the health status of the patient? Depending on the condition and symptoms, additional medical equipment may need to be provided. It may also be necessary to adjust the cabin pressure to the air pressure at ground level (sea level flight).
  • Exactly where in Thailand is the patient? If there is a suitable airport nearby, the ground transport to the airport is less complicated and thus more cost-effective. In more remote regions of Thailand, however, the effort and expenditure will be greater.
  • How many people wish to accompany the patient? In most cases a relative can accompany the patient on the flight at no extra cost. Additional accompanying persons usually require the use of a larger aircraft.
  • How urgent is the medical repatriation? Where more flexibility is possible when planning the flight, the easier it will be to save on costs.

We will be happy to discuss your particular situation and can provide you with a non-binding quotation free of charge.

Any further questions?

If you would like to know more about the organization and the processes involved in a medical repatriation, we recommend that you have a look at our FAQ. There, you will find plenty of additional information.

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