Medical Repatriation from Qatar: How to get an air ambulance during the 2022 World Cup?

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There are mixed feelings about the 2022 FIFA World Cup which will be held in Qatar. While fans are excited about the competition, the general fervor and excitement related to World Cups are somehow missing. This year, there are more concerns about possible contingencies that are bound to happen. While the government and relevant authorities are working on incident response plans, it is important to have your own strategy in place and to be aware of your options in case of a medical emergency during the Qatar World Cup. 

What you should know if you need medical repatriation from Qatar? 

  • Medical emergencies during sports events are extremely common. 
  • The lack of hospital beds and the expensive health care in Qatar might prompt medical repatriation in case of a medical emergency. 
  • Medical Air Service can organize medical repatriations from Qatar in an air ambulance.
  • An air ambulance is fitted with medical equipment to ensure the patient’s safety during the transport

What are the medical emergencies that can occur during the Qatar 2022 World Cup? 

Past sporting events have set a precedence that has allowed us to be better prepared when it comes to dealing when medical emergencies. For instance, during a domestic football game in Indonesia in October, more than 130 people attendees died following a mass panic. In January 2022, eight people died in a crush outside a stadium at the African Cup of Nations in Cameroon. These are just a couple of examples of disasters during sporting events. 

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What are some medical emergencies that can occur in the 2022 Qatar World Cup? 

  • Heatstrokes and related complications: Qatar is basically a desert and daytime temperature during the tournament is expected to be over 30°C which is an ordeal for both players and visitors. The extreme heat combined with the crowd and other external factors is bound to lead to heat strokes potentially causing shock, brain damage, organ failure or even death. 
  • COVID-19 and other infectious diseases: Despite the fact that we are more relaxed about COVID-19 regulations, the pandemic is far from over, which implies that the risk of contracting the coronavirus during the World Cup is quite high. The same applies to other infectious diseases as well. 
  • Injuries from accidents: The risk of fractures and other injuries from accidents occurring during the World Cup is extremely high. From falls to road accidents or even stampedes and accidents at the stadium, these are all possibilities that might result in serious injuries.

Healthcare system for football fans in Qatar: what are the problems that you can face?

Qatar generally boasts a healthcare system that offers high-quality care. The country has both public and private hospitals with highly proficient doctors, many of whom have obtained their training abroad.

While the country’s healthcare system is rated as among the best in the Middle East, there might be issues related to supply and demand in cases of emergencies during the World Cup. One of the issues with organizing the World Cup in Qatar was the country’s indisposition to accommodate the huge influx of people coming into the country, whether it is in terms of players, officials or football fans attending the event. While organizers have managed to innovate and introduce new solutions when it comes to accommodation, the same cannot be said for the healthcare system. 

An underlying problem with Qatar’s healthcare system is the lack of hospital beds, which by international standards is very low for its inhabitants. While already insufficient for its inhabitants, a real threat of shortage is looming. As such, in case of an emergency requiring long-term care, it might be difficult for football fans to obtain the necessary treatment and care to recover, not to mention the extremely high cost that this would entail. 

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Medical Repatriation: Air ambulance from the Qatar 2022 World Cup

If you have a medical emergency requiring long-term treatment, you want to be treated by your own doctor or in another country offering higher-level care or you just want to get back to your loved ones to recover, going back home, medical repatriation, is the most sensible option. 

Nonetheless, some medical emergencies either prevent you from flying commercially or require an immediate transfer. Considering flight unavailabilities from commercial airliners, lack of medical equipment and the risk to patients’ health, it might seem impossible for them to fly back home. 

In these situations, an air ambulance from Qatar is the only option for patients to fly back to their home country. This is a private medical jet used to transport patients either short or long distances. The way they have been designed ensures that patients are safe throughout the flight. 

Note: Medical Air Service can also organize private jet flights from Qatar. If you are looking for a quick flight home but you do not need medical supervision, this option is perfect for you. 

Benefits of getting our air ambulance of the Qatar World Cup

Medical Air Service has air ambulances fitted with the latest medical equipment. The devices and appliances are equivalent to those that we find in Intensive Care Units (ICU), which means that we can generally transport patients who are critically ill or severely injured. These patients are taken care of by medical professionals who are trained and experienced in delivering treatment and care online. 

ambulance jetMoreover, you can enjoy the following advantages when booking a medical flight from Qatar: 

  • The medical flight can be scheduled according to your availability,
  • It can be customized with medical equipment based on your medical condition,
  • We can take you anywhere in the world from Qatar since we operate worldwide
  • Medical Air Service offers a bed-to-bed service, implying that we can organize a ground ambulance for you to and from the airport, 
  • We have aviation experts working 24 hours a day hence we are always available to listen to you and work on your case.

How much does an air ambulance from Qatar cost? 

At Medical Air Service, we calculate the cost of the air ambulance from Qatar for each case individually. This offers the patient a better deal in terms of not having to pay any overcharge for services they do not need. 

What are the factors that Medical Air Service is going to take into consideration when calculating the price of your air ambulance from Qatar? 

  • Your destination country, determining the route of the air ambulance
  • Your medical condition, determining if extra medical equipment or doctors are needed
  • The urgency of the situation
  • Ground transportation
  • The size of the aircraft 

After a consultation with you, our agents are going to work out a customized quotation for you. 

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