Medical flights from North America to Latin America: Fly safely and quickly, even with a medical emergency

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For years the US has maintained a strong relationship with South America. Once considered to be the fastest-growing trading partner of its Northern counterpart, Latin America has undergone considerable development over the years. Even today, Latin America remains the largest source of US immigrants. According to Immigration officials, more than 1.7 million South Americans were encountered along US borders in 2021 only. Along the same veins, Americans are attracted by the diverse and unique experiences that South America has to offer, which makes travel between the two countries an extremely common occurrence. 

What about medical flights between North America and Latin America? 

  • South Americans often fly back to their home country to obtain treatment because of the cost of healthcare and to remain close to their loved ones. 
  • However, because of the high-quality healthcare system in the US, medical tourism is quite high in North America
  • In case of a medical emergency during their vacation in South America, US citizens prefer coming back home for treatment
  • Patient transportation between North America and South America can be done via air ambulances, medical escorts on commercial flights, or ground ambulances, depending on the situation. 

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Medical emergency in the US: why do patients fly back to Latin America? 

In cases of medical emergencies, South Americans prefer to fly back to their home country to obtain treatment. This is because most South American countries, such as Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica or Cuba have a free healthcare system for citizens of their country. This is extremely beneficial for those who do not have insurance coverage considering that healthcare cost in the US is very high. 

Besides the expensive healthcare system in the US and their inability to afford the treatment, South Americans who are alone here in the US prefer to be treated in a country where they can be closer to their loved ones. Moral support from family and friends, and having someone to care for you while you are sick can considerably help your recovery rate. 

An air ambulance for patients going from North America to Latin America

Traveling to another country when sick or injured can be quite strenuous. Moreover, certain medical conditions do not allow flying commercially. This is because of the fragile state of the patient’s health. All the tasks related to flying commercially and the act of flying itself may be harmful, potentially deadly, to the patient. For instance, pneumothorax or a recent surgery requires a sea-level flight. In this type of flight, the cabin pressure is adjusted so that it is closer to pressure at sea level to ensure that enough oxygen is available for the patient. This option is only available in an air ambulance. 

An air ambulance is a plane that is fitted with medical equipment and is dedicated to the patient being transported from one location to the other. This means that it is private and safe

The medical equipment featured in an air ambulance is perfect to transport patients who need constant medical attention and care. Onboard are doctors and paramedics to care for the patient throughout the flight. 

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An air ambulance for patients who wish to travel from South America to North America- Medical tourism

What about those in South America who wish to benefit from the world-class quality of treatment and care available in the US? The US has one of the best health care systems in the world, with world-famous doctors and specialist clinics, such as the Mayo Clinic, NYU Langone Hospitals or Johns Hopkins Hospital, and leading research centers, patients from across the globe come to the US for their treatment. 

Operating worldwide, the air ambulances of Medical Air Service are available for patients wishing to travel from South America to the US. We have medical planes that can be ready for take-off one or two days after a booking has been made. They are rapid, safe and efficient for patient transportation. Moreover, we have a bed-to-bed service which involves us taking care of the ground transportation as well. This means that we can pick you up from your home in a ground ambulance, take you to the airport and upon landing, have another ground ambulance ready to take you to the hospital. 

Medical Repatriation for American travelers in South America

Considering the number of Americans traveling to South America for their vacation, the number of medical emergencies occurring in these countries is not scarce. From contracting travel diseases, to an existing medical condition worsening, or getting an injury from an accident, the risks of getting a serious medical emergency occurring are endless. Mild diseases and injuries are not a cause of concern since you will still be able to enjoy your holiday afterward. However, serious diseases, which require in-depth and long-term medical intervention necessitate a return back to the US. This is because of the high healthcare quality available in the US, the immediate availability of past medical records and history and the proximity and support of family and friends. In that case, medical repatriation is the solution for American travelers in South America. The air ambulances of Medical Air Service are availabe to transport Americans stuck abroad back home to the US quickly and safely. 

Note: Medical Air Service also has ground ambulances to conduct patient transports between the US and North America. This option is appropriate for short distances if the patient’s condition can handle the journey. 

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Medical flights between the US and South America: additional services from Medical Air Service

Medical Air Service has designed an excellent medical flight service with additional benefits to ensure that patients are not only safe but also comfortable throughout the flight. Below are some extra services that we offer. 

Covid-19 air ambulance: Reactive and up-to-date with the latest technologies, we have designed special isolation systems for COVID-19 patients having to travel in our air ambulances. These allow travelers who have tested positive for the coronavirus to travel back home safely, without infecting others. 

Bed-to-bed service: This removes the stress and additional tasks of organizing ground transportation in both countries. You do not have to worry about scheduling or coordinating arrival and departure times etc. We will take care of the whole process for you. 

Medical escort service on a commercial stretcher: This is a low-cost medical flight option and is the perfect alternative to private flights if the patient’s condition allows for it. This involves flying commercially but accompanied by a medical professional, the medical escort, who will supervise the patient’s condition throughout the flight. 

Pediatric incubator service: Essential for the transportation of babies and infants are both medical experts specializing in pediatrics and special incubator equipment for little ones to be transported in. 

Free consultation with our aviation experts: Preceding the organization of your flight is a free consultation session with our agents during which they will discuss your medical situation and needs, advise you on the best medical flight option and create a customized air ambulance cost for you.  

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Contact us for an air ambulance between North America and South America

An expert air ambulance provider, we make sure that the transportation is a safe, rapid and comfortable one. We assess all your needs before devising the perfect air ambulance solution for you, according to your situation. To book an air ambulance from South America to North America, just get in touch with us. After the initial contact, our expert agents will take care of everything. 

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