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 Medical Air Service is an air ambulance service provider whom you can rely on when you need to transport a loved one with special medical needs to anywhere in the world. Indeed, patient care and safety are our top priorities. As a result, in addition to providing medical flight services, we go above and beyond in every way to offer our patients and their families with the peace of mind they deserve during a stressful time.

This article explores the variety of complementary services, ranging from our bed-to-bed service for patients with critical medical needs to our non-emergency medical escort service, in which one of our highly trained healthcare professionals accompanies the patient on a commercial flight, that we offer. You can be guaranteed that we will use our extensive experience and expertise to assist you in determining which service would be best for the patient's specific medical needs. Whatever service you require, our friendly and knowledgeable flight coordinators will plan and supervise every aspect of your transfer.

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What are air ambulances?

Think of an air ambulance as a fixed-wing airplane or a helicopter designed as a flying intensive care unit (ICU) used to transport sick or injured patients from one place to another. When configured for medical flights, our aircraft which are all equipped with a patient stretcher can be outfitted with other specialized medical and cutting-edge surveillance equipment as well.

They are staffed with trained medical personnel, such as a critical care registered doctor and a paramedic, who can provide the best possible care to patients onboard the flight, just as intensive care unit professionals do in a healthcare facility. From the cockpit, a pilot and co-pilot ensure a safe and smooth flight, expertly navigating at night or through inclement weather conditions when the urgency of the situation so requires.

Satellite phones connect the air ambulance team on board to an infinite number of resources on the ground. This allows the receiving medical team at the destination facility to be briefed on the patient's current condition, in the case of significant changes, before the air ambulance wheels touch down.

Our air ambulance all-inclusive services and much more

We would not be one of the industry leaders in aeromedical transport if we only provided basic medical flights. Indeed, with the well-being, comfort, and safety of our patients and their families as our primary goal, we strive to provide them with extra and complementary benefits.

The following are some of our all-inclusive services:

Bed-to-bed services

We occasionally receive requests to provide our services to patients who are at home or in a hospital bed. Some of them may also require special care due to their fragile health, which prevents them from traveling in any other position but supine. In these cases, we advise our personalized bed-to-bed service, thanks to which the patient is transferred from an ambulance to the aircraft while receiving strict medical attention.

This option is a safe and comfortable way for them to travel. It provides peace of mind and ensures that an expert medical team is always on hand to help with unexpected health complications during an already difficult time. To continue, our health professionals will make certain that the patient leaves home or the hospital in good condition and arrives at the aircraft safely on an appropriate stretcher/wheelchair from a ground ambulance, all while coordinating the details for you so that you can enjoy a stress-free journey.

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Did you know that? While commercial flights would require you to go through time-consuming dynamics and may have stopovers; with us, you can get a direct flight.

Assistance coordinating medical flights

Our comprehensive bed-to-bed medical service (and air ambulance services more generally) includes logistics and planning. We are capable of dispatching a private medical flight to those in need at any time of the day or night. Our top priority is to give you peace of mind with a quick and safe flight manned by specialized doctors.

Subsequently, after answering calls and gathering information about the patient to be transferred, we determine whether he is fit to travel and, if so, we review the services that must be covered in order to provide a quality experience in an ambulance jet or helicopter.

And, assuming that the trip is disrupted by unforeseen circumstances, such as a sudden deterioration in the patient's health or inclement weather, we can quickly reorient and find another option to assist the patient in arriving at their destination safely and quickly. At Medical Air Service, we take care of all the necessary steps to change the route, keeping the patient and family safe and reassured for the rest of the journey.

Customized services according to your situation

Your private air ambulance can be a plane or a helicopter that has been modified with specific medical equipment based on your needs and circumstances, keeping in mind that almost all necessary emergency medical equipment can be made available on the flight. And as we operate an extensive air ambulance fleet on a global scale, we are able to provide VIP air ambulance services on private charter flights as well.

Other assistance

  • In addition to air ambulance transportation, our all-inclusive services include:
  • assisting you in your application for a special entry permit or emergency visas;
  • providing interpreting services. Our multilingual team speaks Arab or Russian, for example;
  • arranging your entire stay and assist you in selecting an appropriate specialist healthcare facility for your medical treatment if requested.

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How to book an air ambulance

It's a breeze to book one of our private air ambulances! Indeed, we have put in place a simple procedure to alleviate your anxiety in an already stressful situation.

Contact one of our representatives

To request a free, non-binding quote for our air ambulance services, please contact one of our representatives via phone, email, or our contact form right now. They are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and will respond as quickly as possible. You will then be assigned a personal agent who will organize your flight, advise you on the best air ambulance options, and answer any questions you may have.

Gather important documentation

To book an air ambulance, some important documents are required, such as medical reports to determine the patient's medical condition and fitness to travel, passports, and, if necessary, a visa. Your personal agent will inform you of the required documents.

Pack your belongings and wait for your flight

You will only have to wait for us to contact you once all of the necessary documents have been received and payment has been made. Every detail will be attended to, including preferred departure date, bed-to-bed service, and so on.

Do you have any additional questions?

If you couldn't find what you were looking for, please visit our FAQ page.

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