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Experienced, humane, easily accessible… These are just some of the qualities defining Medical Air Service. We pride ourselves on being an international medical jets provider with a primary mission of transporting patients to wherever they need to go in complete safety and comfort. Our sole focus is our clients’ safety and wellbeing, we make sure that our latest state-of-the-art medical jets are accessible to everyone, wherever they are across the globe. 

Medical jets v/s commercial planes 

The most distinct feature of a medical jet, in comparison to the usual scheduled plane by a commercial airliner, is the medical equipment with which it is outfitted. The main goal of a commercial flight is to allow healthy people to fly from one location to another. Thus, as expected, it has seats and some basic amenities ensuring that people with no health issues can fly to various locations across the globe. In contrast, medical jets are dedicated to passengers who are sick, injured and cannot travel on a commercial plane because of a medical issue. Instead of normal cabin seats, the jet is outfitted with a range of medical equipment that is usually found in an ICU. This means that the needs of patients can be catered to, even if they need to be connected to a medical apparatus at all times, ensuring that they can fly anywhere across the globe safely. 

In most cases, a medical jet is dedicated to one patient solely. While a commercial plane will typically have lots of passengers on board, a medical jet is built for one patient and a few accompanying persons only. These will be our medical crew and a couple of accompanying loved ones (depending on the jet being used). The implication of this is that they are smaller but also private. The patient’s privacy is protected since there will be no other passengers, and their prying eyes, on board

The staff onboard a medical jet also has been employed keeping in mind patients’ safety. Besides the pilots, you will not come across the usual flight crew found in a commercial airliner: No steward or air hostess. Instead, Medical Air Service has an experienced doctor and paramedic on board his medical jets to care for and provide treatment to the patient during the flight. 

bombardier challenger medical plane

Can everyone across the globe access a medical jet? 

At Medical Air Service, we believe that geographical factors should not be exclusive; patients should have the opportunity to access quality healthcare and other related services, regardless of where they are across the globe. As such, being an international medical jets provider, our regions of operations cover almost all countries. 

Our medical jets are at your disposal if you are in a country where the level of medical care is not up to your expectations and you wish to get better medical treatment abroad, if you have been travelling or you are on holiday abroad and you feel sick/ got injured and wish to get back home, if you want to move to a loved one in another country but you are too sick to fly commercially or if you have tested positive for Covid-19. These are just some general case scenarios that require the use of our medical jets. 

How to get a medical jet if you are in a remote location? 

Even if you are in a remote location, getting a medical jet is easy. Medical Air Service has made sure that its air ambulances are easily accessible thanks to its international service. To book a medical jet, you just have to contact one of our agents. Our experts are at your disposal, on a 24-hour basis, every day of the week. You can contact them by phone, mail or via our contact form and they will get back to you promptly to discuss your needs and provide you with a medical jet that suits your requirements. 

We can provide you with a medical jet, usually on the same or following day of your booking, wherever you are in the world. Our quick response and swift deployment of the plane ensures that you can get to your wherever you want to go without wasting time, which is essential in situations involving medical issues, treatment and care. 

Expert assistance to find your way in remote locations 

Being stuck in a remote location across the globe can be scary and stressful, especially if you are ill or injured. Caring for your safety and peace of mind, we assist you with everything after your initial contact with us. Not only will we provide you with a medical jet, but we will also take care of everything related to arranging the flight. This involves getting permits or special authorizations. 

Whether you are in another country and you want to get back home, you are in your home country and you want to go abroad for treatment, or you are abroad and you want to get to another foreign country, the probability of you being unaccustomed to the host or destination country’s infrastructure is quite high. Added to this language barriers and the stress of being sick or looking after someone sick and the pressure can hit the roof. 

Fortunately, our aviation experts will take care of everything for you. We will arrange for ground transportation with our ground ambulances, so all you have to do is to wait for us in your hotel room, hospital or home and we will pick you up, get you to the airport, help you board the flight. The same process will be reversed once the medical jet lands: we will organise the transfer from the airport to the receiving medical facility or to your home/hotel. Thus, you do not have to worry even if you are stuck in a huge foreign country all alone. 

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Contact us for a medical jet 

If you are in a remote location across the globe, just get in touch, wherever you are and we will arrange everything so that you can fly and get to your destination safely, even of you are sick or injured. Contact our agents on: 

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