International medical flights: Your best option to fly when sick or injured

If you have a commercial flight scheduled, you are probably worried about traffic to the airport, never-ending security lines or flight delays that could ruin your next vacation or important business trip. But have you considered the risks of flying while sick or injured? However, simply being concerned about flying with an injury or illness that may worsen in the air is insufficient. It is critical for travelers to understand the risks of flying with a health condition, why it can worsen in the air, and what safer options are available to them. Let us explain the benefits of our international medical flights in greater detail.

Injuries and illnesses: why are commercial flights out of the question?

From a common cold to a chronic illness or a broken bone, the question of whether you can travel on a commercial aircraft while ill or injured frequently arises. Furthermore, if you can, there are sizeable risks in doing so. Allow us to explain.

The most straightforward explanation is that the cramped conditions, with 200 or so passengers sharing the same cabin, increase the likelihood of germs and viruses spreading more easily. As a result, those germs and viruses make it much easier for people who already have a weakened immune system to become sicker. Not to mention that passengers who choose to fly while sick tend to spread germs around a lot.

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Flying with a fever is unlikely to endanger you or the other passengers on the plane. Similarly, most minor injuries do not preclude flying. Some more serious medical conditions, on the other hand, can be aggravated or significantly worsened by altitude. Cabin pressure, for example, can aggravate symptoms and lengthen recovery time for a traveler suffering from a sinus infection, or put a passenger wearing a plaster cast at a higher risk of blood clots.

Furthermore, commercial airlines have the authority and the practice of refusing to embark passengers who are suspected of being contagious. Even if you have recently recovered from an infectious disease, such as chickenpox, you may be required to provide a doctor's letter confirming that you are no longer infectious. In the case of Covid-19, even the slightest symptom indicating that you may be infected with the disease can prevent you from flying commercially.

As a general rule, avoid flying without proper medical assistance if you are experiencing or have recently experienced any of the following:

To continue, infants less than two days old should not be taken on board an aircraft, and flying during the 36th week of pregnancy is strongly discouraged.

Your solution: international medical flights

Flying to or from a healthcare facility, whether you are ill or injured, can be extremely inconvenient. While it may be tempting to travel regardless in order to avoid losing money on your commercial flight, you may have more options than you think, even if you do not have adequate health and travel insurance

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Those of you who are scheduled to have surgery in a world-class foreign medical facility should also consider contacting an air ambulance provider to arrange a quick and seamless medical flight from and back to your home country.

Practical questions to evaluate an international medical flight provider

Unexpected medical issues can arise while you are in a foreign country, and you may be concerned about the quality of your medical care and whether local hospitals will be able to properly treat your injury/illness. As a result, if you are unable to travel without the assistance of a medical escort or complex medical supervision, the issue of safely and quickly returning home may cause frustration and confusion.

The majority of people seeking critical medical care prefer to return home to consult with or be treated by a specialist, whereas others prefer to be near family and friends. And, regardless of the circumstances, when a patient requires medical repatriation or evacuation, they generally seek assistance and appropriate transportation options to schedule their return.

When it comes to transporting a critically ill or injured person home, air medical transport or air ambulance services are the best option because they provide medically equipped aircraft as well as the team needed for in-flight patient care. There are many companies that offer air ambulance services; however, how do you pick the best one?

Here are some questions to ask to help you deal with the situation and find the best international medical flight provider:

  • Are there any hidden costs or ambiguous clauses in the contract?
  • Is the air ambulance service provider able to fly you internationally and over long distances?
  • How quickly can the air medical transport service respond to accommodate the patient’s condition?
  • Is the air ambulance service provider accredited or do they have any certifications which ensure safety knowledge and professionalism?
  • Will there be a doctor or other medical personnel on board who can examine the patient to determine the cause of their condition and the next steps if a complication occurs?
  • Is the air ambulance service provider able to provide commercial medical escort services in the form of a licensed professional or bedside to bedside transportation alongside medical care on multiple levels based on the patient's needs?

Our answer! 

At Medical Air Service, we have always been committed to providing our clients with unrivaled international medical flights as well as all-inclusive services such as medical escorts and bed-to-bed services. We have certified medical teams and state-of-the-art equipment to provide you with a seamless service 24/7/365, with no red tapes and no hidden costs, whether you need long-distance aeromedical transport for a terminally ill patient, a physically disabled individual, or an elderly loved one. We have been delivering on our mission of providing an uncompromised standard of medical and critical patient care with a highly experienced and respected medical team in the sky as an accredited and preferred long-distance medical transport operator for top hospitals around the world.

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Benefits of our international medical flights

As a leading provider of international medical flights, we are equally committed to upholding world-class hospital care standards and protocols, as well as providing our patients with personalized assistance when chartering a private air ambulance. We have our own private jet and helicopter fleet and can fly you to almost any hospital in the world. Furthermore, your safety is our top priority, and we go out of our way to make sure you are well taken care of during your flight. In fact, in order to ensure your safety, we:

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