International Ambulance service: the importance of moral support for the patient

Travelling long-haul is possible even for patients who constantly require medical supervision and care thanks to international ambulance services. The easy accessibility of these solutions has proven to be a boon for patients and a huge step forward in the world of healthcare. Being able to travel across borders to obtain medical treatment ensures that quality medical facilities are available to all. 

Medical Air Service offers international ambulance services 

At Medical Air Service, we offer a wide range of ambulances that allow patients to travel anywhere across the globe. Organizing both medical evacuation and repatriation missions, within and across borders, we have a variety of transportation options. 

Ground ambulances 

This is the most common form of vehicle that comes to your mind when you hear the word ambulance. More common and prevalent, they can be seen mostly every day while you are driving around. Medical Air Service has ground ambulances that are outfitted with the latest medical equipment to handle safe patient transfers within the same country or bordering countries separated by land. 

Nonetheless, there are important factors that must be taken into consideration when organizing a patient transfer via a ground ambulance. First and foremost, the longer an ambulance trip, the more stressful and tiring the process will be for the patient. A long trip by road is subject to several unforeseen factors that are beyond our control. These are heavy traffic, road accidents and other factors that will cause delays. Stating the obvious, ground ambulances are limited in terms of the destinations that they can reach. Their use becomes void when you have to travel overseas. 

An efficient alternative for short distances: Ambulance helicopters! These air ambulances can travel far more quickly than ground ambulances. Moreover, they do not require a designated landing strip; they can land on almost all flat surfaces. 

International air ambulance options 

In most cases, air ambulance services are more efficient to transport patients because of their speed and range. Medical Air Service has two options that allow patients to travel internationally. 

Medical escorts on commercial flights

These involve traveling on a commercial flight accompanied by a medical escort. Typically, patients who are not in critical situations opt for this solution. They must be in a stable enough condition to fly commercially. The accompanying doctor will have emergency medical equipment on hand to care for the patient during the flight. 

Air ambulance planes 

These are the most efficient and secure international ambulance service. Patients travel in a plane that is outfitted with the latest medical equipment and a doctor and paramedic is onboard to offer treatment and care mid-flight. Medical Air Service has air ambulances operating to and from several locations across the globe. 


The importance of moral support during an international air ambulance trip  

It has been proven that a lack of emotional and social support can be detrimental to someone’s health, causing overall issues and illnesses such as heart disease, stress, hypertension and others, especially when the elderly are involved. The probability of the patient being stressed is heightened during an air ambulance trip because the mental strain of planning a smooth flight and having to board an airplane can be triggering for someone who is already in a vulnerable position. Uncertainty about what is going to happen, traveling on an air ambulance for the first time, being in an airplane for hours on end… All of these can intensify the patient’s emotional response, causing adverse reactions. This can be problematic during an international trip since the patient’s actions will be unpredictable and emergencies can occur mid-air. 

How does Medical Air Service provide moral support to patients?

At Medical Air Service, we are mindful of the patient’s state of mind and we have taken several steps to ensure that he is calm and confident about the flight. How do we achieve this? 

Experienced medical staff: Our medical staff has years of experience in the aeromedical space. They have extensive know-how in providing medical and psychological care to patients during a flight. Thus, not only will they monitor the patient’s health during the flight, but they will also provide reassurances and comfort. Knowing that you have an experienced medical professional who cares for your safety will alleviate some of the stress for the patient and promote a smoother trip. 

Accompanying loved one: No one offers greater emotional support than a loved one. This is someone whom you are comfortable with, who knows best how to support you and with whom you can share all your fears and anxieties. Knowing how traveling alone may be stressful, Medical Air Service allows your loved ones to accompany you on board the air ambulance, whenever possible. Moreover, the accompanying person can travel with you without any additional charge. 

elderly woman with daughter

Liaising with medical facilities: To ensure a smooth flight and to make sure that you do not have to go through the hassles of constantly communicating with medical facilities back and forth, we liaise with the medical facility in the host country to ensure that there are no complications upon landing. Constant communication between all parties involved will lead to a better experience. Moreover, our ground ambulance will be waiting for you at the airport ensuring that you are driven to your destination safely. 

Contact us for your international air ambulance service 

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