International air ambulance

What is an air ambulance?

An air ambulance is just what it sounds like. It’s an aircraft specially outfitted to transport patients in need of medical care. Often when we think of air ambulances, we think of air rescue helicopters taking patients in need of emergency care to the nearest ICU. While that is one version of an air ambulance, there are several types of ambulance aircraft and several reasons why people utilize their services. Many air ambulances are intended to fly long distances during emergency and non-emergency situations, also flying internationally.

 In order to fly internationally with an air ambulance, you can have a private ambulance jet outfitted with the latest medical equipment or travel on a commercial flight with medical escorts and, if necessary, space created to accommodate a medical traveler. If the patient is able to travel sitting upright in stable condition, Business Class seats will be reserved for them and an accompanying doctor or paramedic who is able to provide first-aid care, if needed, and emotional support during the flight. If the patient is able to travel lying down, some seats will be removed from the aircraft to create a space for the patient to travel lying on a stretcher with accompanying medical staff. In this case, a screen is erected to preserve the patient’s privacy.

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Another option for taking an international air ambulance is flying in a private ambulance jet which provides the shortest lead times and the best in-flight medical care. The jet is outfitted with the latest medical equipment and is ideal for patients with certain conditions requiring a medical team and ICU care during the flight.


When do you need an international air ambulance?

Our patients use air ambulance services often in cases where they are injured or have fallen ill while traveling and therefore want to go home or need to fly to another country for better care. Other instances when an international air ambulance might be used are for people in need of specialized care, or who wish to travel for better or cheaper healthcare in a different country. In all of these cases, an international air ambulance can be your best bet for safe travel while receiving the appropriate medical care while en route. 

How are costs for an international air ambulance calculated?

Before organising an air ambulance, you’ll want to understand how we calculate our costs, so you can decide what the best course of action is for you. Because each patient’s situation and needs are unique, we can’t give a single number that will apply to each case. In calculating cost, we consider several factors, such as:

  • The patient’s state of health
  • Flight route and distance
  • Type of aircraft required

The patient’s state of health

A patient’s health condition affects all aspects of air ambulance travel. A patient’s condition can determine the type of aircraft needed and equipment required. Some health conditions can even require special types of air ambulance travel, like sea level flights that keep cabin pressure close to the air pressure on the ground.

Flight route and distance

While the patient’s condition is an important cost factor, the primary factor in determining international air ambulance costs is the route and distance of travel required. While long distances are more expensive than short distances, we do not have a flat distance traveled rate. Instead, our team of advisors calculates the costs for travel route and distance on an individual basis. 

Type of aircraft required

The least expensive type of air ambulance is traveling on a commercial flight with a medical escort. However, some patients will require or even prefer traveling on a private ambulance jet, due to their severe state of health, level of care, and shorter lead times. In time-critical cases that only require short-distance travel, an ambulance helicopter will land at the hospital where the patient is located and fly them directly to their destination hospital.

While these factors and more go into determining the final cost, each situation is unique and requires different air ambulance services. To get a no-obligation quote for your specific needs, contact us today.

Why book your international air ambulance with Medical Air Service?

At Medical Air Service, our goal is to provide you the best possible in-flight medical care at the most affordable prices for domestic and international air ambulance services. Our fleet of aircraft is well equipped, and our experienced medical staff is ready to provide you the care you need to travel safely and comfortably. We have tie-ups to major airports as well as smaller airfields, allowing us to offer top-quality service across the world. Our team can even help you plan your travel and arrange ground transport to make sure you get exactly where you need to go.

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