How much is an air ambulance?

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Medical Air Service provides the best quality in-flight medical service for patients who need to travel while under medical supervision. These flights are carried out using ambulance aircraft, either in the form of a private ambulance jet or by creating space on a commercial flight for a patient to travel with attending medical staff. In time-critical cases that only require travel over short distances, we utilize an ambulance helicopter that can land at a hospital and convey a patient to the destination hospital directly.

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We provide our air ambulance services all over the world and are available for last minute operations or planned long distance travel. You might choose to book an air ambulance to travel to your home country if you’ve been injured or fallen ill while traveling. Or you might need to travel somewhere with higher quality or more specialized medical care. You might also be traveling to be closer to family and friends while undergoing treatment and recovery. Whatever your reason for booking a medical flight, you’re probably wondering: how much is an air ambulance?

How are costs for an air ambulance calculated?

Of course, the costs for medical travel aren’t uniform. Each patient’s situation is unique and requires a unique set of services that factor into the final costs. When booking an air ambulance, some of the factors that affect the cost include:

  • The patient’s state of health
  • The number of people accompanying the patient
  • Flight route and distance
  • Type of aircraft required
  • Required medical personnel

The patient’s state of health

The patient’s condition is one of the primary factors that go into calculating the cost of an air ambulance flight. Their condition affects other factors such as the medical staff and equipment required to transport them safely. Certain health conditions can also necessitate special types of travel, such as sea level flights to keep the cabin pressure similar to the air pressure on the ground. These types of travel also affect the route, duration, and distance of the flight, all which factor into the cost.

The number of people accompanying the patient

Our number one priority is the safety and comfort of our patients while they are in our care. We know that traveling for medical treatment can be very stressful, and we make it easy for you to travel with family and close friends to give you support during the air ambulance flight. In most cases, our patients can have one person accompany them on their flight free of charge. If a patient wants several relatives to accompany them, we also accommodate those desires. However, traveling with more people increases the space needed and may necessitate taking a larger private ambulance jet.

Flight route and distance

The main factor in determining air ambulance costs is the distance of travel required. Short distances are less expensive than long distances. However, we do not have a flat distance traveled rate. The costs for distance traveled are calculated on an individual basis by our team of advisors.

Type of aircraft required

Different types of aircraft can be utilized as air ambulances depending on a patient’s needs. The less expensive option is traveling on a commercial flight. If a patient is in stable condition and able to travel lying down, seats can be removed from the aircraft to make space for a stretcher and accompanying medical personnel as well as friends and family traveling with the patient. A privacy screen will be installed to ensure the patient is not disturbed by other travelers on the flight.

Scheduled airliner

If a commercial flight is not suitable to a patient’s condition, or if a patient prefers, they can travel on a private ambulance jet outfitted with the latest medical equipment. This type of flight is more expensive than traveling on a commercial flight but provides the best possible in-flight medical care as well as the shortest lead times. Additionally, in cases that are time-critical and only require short-distance travel, an ambulance helicopter can be used that will land at the hospital and fly the patient directly to their destination hospital.

Required medical personnel

The number of medical personnel required to ensure a patient’s safe and comfortable travel also has an impact on the final cost of the flight. For patients who are stable and can travel sitting upright may only need to travel with a medical escort, a specialised physician or paramedic who stays with the patient at all times providing psychological comfort and quick first-aid treatment if necessary. Patients in more critical conditions may require a full medical team to accompany them.

Will my insurance cover the cost of an air ambulance?

Every insurance provider approaches medical air travel differently. Some insurance companies and plans will cover all air ambulance costs, but many place limitations on the services they cover. Before you book your air ambulance, it’s always a good idea to contact your insurance provider and find out directly which services they’ll cover. If your plan doesn’t have coverage for medical travel, you may be able to add coverage before you book your trip. Our team is also available to discuss your insurance policy and help you understand your coverage, including how to lodge a claim and the likelihood of your insurance covering the costs.

Why book with Medical Air Service?

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Medical Air Service provides the best possible in-flight medical care at the most affordable prices for air ambulance services around the world. We offer a fleet of well-equipped aircraft and experienced medical staff to provide you the care you need to travel safely and comfortably. Our team can even help you arrange ground transport and plan your travel to get you exactly where you need to go. With tie-ups to major airports as well as smaller airfields, we offer our top-quality service all over the world.

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