How is an air ambulance equipped?

The equipment inside most air ambulances is the similar as the one you will find in an intensive care ward. One – or, in larger medical planes – several mobile hospital beds (the stretchers on which patients are transported) and many medical devices, which constantly analyse patients’ vital signs and emit an alarm signal if there is a problem are present both on long-haul and short-haul medical flights.

Types of medical equipment in an air ambulance 

The equipment in each air ambulance can include everything from breathing apparatus and monitoring systems, pacemakers and defibrillators to blood transfusion equipment alongside a comprehensive supply of medication.

Air ambulances will carry

  • adrenalin, propofol,
  • beta-blockers,
  • anticoagulants (blood thinners), such as heparin,
  • many other emergency medications.

air ambulance interior

Benefits of medical equipment on air ambulances 

Thanks to the versatile equipment onboard our air ambulances, we are able to carry ventilated patients safely and at short notice. Indeed, our medical air services team guarantees that our medical planes are bespoke fitted for the requirements of the patients for every trip. All medical equipment and medication carried on board are specially selected to fit the needs of the patient who is being transported. In this way, we can always ensure we deliver the best possible medical care to each patient, globally. 

Do you have any questions? 

If you would like to know more about medical equipment onboard our air ambulances, please see our list of FAQs.

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