How far can an Air Ambulance Helicopter fly?

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Air Ambulance Helicopter

The use of helicopters as an air ambulance service dates way back to the Second World War. The first medevac case scenario was to evacuate three British pilot combat casualties in Burma and after that, as from 1950, US forces began using medical helicopters during the Korean and Vietnam wars to transport injured soldiers from conflict areas to medical facilities where they could obtain definitive care. 

Since then, things have evolved. In today’s time, ambulance helicopters have proven to be an undeniable asset in the world of modern emergency care and they are not restricted to the military. 

Important things you have to know about medical helicopters: 

  • Medical helicopters are fitted with medical equipment to transport patients safely.
  • Medical helicopters are mostly used for short-distance patient transportation.
  • Medical Air Service puts the aircraft at the disposal of anyone who needs to travel to another location to receive treatment, wherever they are across the globe.

What are medical helicopters? 

Medical helicopters are designed for the purpose of transporting patients. They are fitted with medical equipment ensuring that patients are under medical supervision during the flight. 

When do you need an air ambulance helicopter? 

Air ambulance helicopters are perfect for situations involving short distance medical flights since they are easily available and can land directly at the hospital. Moreover, in contrast to ground ambulances, they are far quicker, allowing the patient to reach the hospital to receive appropriate treatment and care without enduring long hours on the road.

How fast are the medical helicopters by Medical Air Service? 

Medical Air Service provides a fleet of different types of medevac helicopters to transport patients from one location to another quickly. These are fitted with state of the art medical equipment to ensure safety and comfort during the flight. While not limited only to the models listed, below is a list of theoretical ranges some of our air ambulance helicopters can cover at maximal capacity (it is worth noting that in most cases, a helicopter will always keep fuel in reserve to cater for any potential unforeseen circumstances):

  • EC 135 - flying at a speed of 200 km/h and covering a range of 620 km. 
  • EC 145 - which has a cruise speed of 210 km/h and covers 680 km
  • AS 365 Dauphin - with a cruise speed of 210 km/h and a range of 825 km. 

By being sure that the air ambulance helicopters we use are fitted with  the latest technology and equipment, Medical Air Service ensures that you will be  properly cared for throughout  your flight. For instance, our ambulance helicopters are equipped with stretchers and patient warming systems, apparatus for child and baby care, intensive care transport respirator, infection protection sets and other essentials. 

Moreover, depending on your medical situation, Medical Air Service can source additional equipment if required to ensure that your medical flight has precisely the apparatus needed for your wellbeing

How far can our medical helicopters fly?

In comparison to other forms of air transport, ambulance helicopters cannot cover a wide range, in terms of distance. So they cannot fly long distances, which makes them most adequate for shorter routes. In which cases are these useful? 

Domestic transfers

In contrast to ground ambulances, helicopters are more efficient to transport patients between two locations in the same country. Thus, they can be used for hospital to hospital transfers or for transportation from a patient’s home to a medical facility and vice-versa. 

Border area between countries 

Medical Air Service also offers its medevac helicopters for transfers in the border area between two countries.

Why opt for an Air Ambulance Helicopter?

  • They are fast: Air ambulances can transport patients more quickly than ground ambulances, which offers the best chance of survival and recovery. It also increases patient comfort  since they do not have to endure long hours on the road.
  • They are easily available: Medical Air Service is available on a 24 hours basis. So, you can get an ambulance helicopter any time. Moreover, they are readily available; the booking can be confirmed within hours from your initial call.
  • They are convenient: Since Air ambulance helicopters can land anywhere, they are very convenient options. They can pick up or drop off patients directly at the hospital, eliminating the need for ground transportation.
  • Benefit from state of the art medical equipment: The ambulance helicopters provided by Medical Air Service are fitted with all the equipment needed for patient care. Even intensive care patients can be safely transferred from one location to another via our air ambulance helicopters.
  • An experienced medical team is onboard: All of the ambulance helicopter transfers organised by Medical Air Service have a highly experienced medical personnel on board. They are dedicated to caring for the patient and offering treatment in case an emergency situation comes up to ensure a smooth and safe flight. 

What about longer routes?

While they are perfect for short routes, ambulance helicopters are a bit limited in their range and speed, in comparison to other forms of air transportations. Medical Air Service has other forms of air ambulances which are perfect for longer flights, such as travelling to another country. For instance, you can opt for our dedicated ambulance aircrafts, which comes with permanently installed intensive care equipment and accompanying medical personnel to offer the patient optimum care. There is also the option of commercial airline repatriation, depending on the situation and the patient’s condition.

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