Holidays in Panama City: get an US air ambulance from Panama in case of a medical emergency

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 There are a few things that may come to mind when you hear about Panama (Florida). You might imagine yourself relaxing on the beach, gazing out at a turquoise-hued sea, or sipping a steaming cup of coffee made with beans from one of its prestigious coffee estates. But what if your vacation is ruined by a medical emergency? Continue reading to find out what your medical repatriation options are.

The key points to remember when on holiday in Panama City: 

Panama City, is a surprisingly urban metropolis infused with old-world charm, glass skyscrapers and glitzy nightclubs. Vacations there are both bustling and laid-back in equal measure.

A health issue, on the other hand, could disturb your long-awaited vacation in Panama City. Medical emergencies happen all the time and we should do our best to plan for them. Every individual should be able to detect and respond to such an emergency in order to avoid irreversible sequela. Knowing your medical repatriation options can also save you time. When it comes to quick and efficient patient transportation throughout the United States, keep our aeromedical transport services in mind.

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Why should you visit Panama City at least once in your life?

With its historic center, trendy restaurant and nightlife scene, and proximity to major North American cities, it's difficult to find a reason not to visit Panama City. 3 of its must-see tourist attractions are:

Casco Viejo: Pastel Colonial homes with balconies bursting with flowers and plants line the narrow pedestrian-friendly streets of Panama City's historic district, making it ideal for a stroll —not to mention photographing!

Vestiges of Panama Viejo: Panama Viejo's ruins stand in stark contrast to the modern suburbs that surround them. Many, such as the Catedral de Nuestra Senora de la Asuncion, are still mostly intact.

Teatro Nacional: The interior of the Teatro Nacional is the epitome of elegance, with opulent gold balconies, red curtains, and a glass chandelier lighting the room in a soft glow.

Furthermore, Panama City, like most Latin American countries, is a reasonably priced tourist destination. You can get quite far there, even on a shoestring budget. A decent hotel room will cost you around $50, a beer will cost you about $1, and local buses and shuttles are cheap. Activities like snorkeling, scuba diving, and zip lining are also much cheaper in comparison to other parts of the world.

Common medical emergencies that may affect American tourists in Panama City

A medical emergency is a sudden injury or illness that puts a person's long-term health or life in jeopardy. Depending on the severity of the situation, multiple levels of care may be required, ranging from first aid to emergency doctors and paramedics. When adequate medical care is unavailable, an air ambulance service provider may be required.

Some examples of medical emergencies include:

  • Cardiovascular emergencies
  • Seizures
  • Swallowing poisonous substances
  • Heavy bleeding
  • Sudden breathing difficulty
  • Heatstroke 
  • Fractures
  • Insect bites and stings
  • Eye/Head trauma

What is the status of the healthcare system in Panama City?

The quality of healthcare in Panamanian hospitals is comparable to that found in Canada and Europe. Citizens, permanent residents, and tourists have access to free healthcare as part of emergency medical treatment. However, due to long wait times, many tourists avoid seeking medical attention at public hospitals. Furthermore, because the healthcare system in Panama City only provides basic services, purchasing private health insurance may be the best option. Otherwise, you will have to pay for all services rendered out-of-pocket.

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Does Medicare cover treatment in Panama City?

Some of you may have heard that Medicare is not accepted in Panama. In fact, it is!

In Panama, you will need a special Medicare Advantage account that can be used for urgent care or emergencies at no additional cost. Your special Medicare Advantage Plan can also be used if you need a doctor’s consultation, lab work or prescription medications.

Air ambulances from Panama City across the US

Our air ambulances are primarily used to transport sick and injured patients for both short and long-distance travel during a medical emergency, but are also available in non-emergency situations. Air ambulance helicopters and fixed-wing airplanes are the two most common types of air ambulances used for medical transport in the US. Depending on the nature of the emergency and the advice of our medical professionals, you may use either.

Benefits of our air ambulances services

In addition to providing genuine attention and care to our patients, we offer the most technologically advanced, professional, and personalized  air ambulance services, ensuring that you receive first-rate health care. Our medical flight services include a dedicated team of trained air pilots and support medical personnel who work together to extend the reach of health care during various emergencies such as diabetes, respiratory and cardiac complications, traumas and fractures, gastrointestinal issues, and many other medical emergency conditions.

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Our air ambulance services are S.A.F.E.:

Safety: Besides the latest medical equipment, we can also adjust the cabin pressure in the ambulance so that it is similar to sea level to transport critically ill patients or use portable isolation units to transport Covid-19 infected patients quickly and safely.

Availability: Our medical jets are used on a daily basis for repatriation/evacuation missions. They can be made available on the following day of your booking to ensure a quick transfer.

Flexibility: Our smaller ambulances can fly to regional airports and land near healthcare facilities. The departure date can also be scheduled based on your needs. 

Exempt of hidden costs and overcharge: Our patients benefit from personalized medical flight prices that are free of hidden costs with no overcharge for services you do not need

Medical escorts from Panama City across the US

Traveling or returning home with a medical condition can be extremely taxing and dangerous for the patient, while being also stressful and complicated for their loved ones. Medical Air Service offers to take that burden off your shoulders and ensure a safe journey for those who require extra assistance.

Our commercial medical escort service is not only limited to patients who are ill, but also to those who require assistance getting to and from airports, with boarding and flying, and require a secure method of doing so. Here's how it can help:

Skilled companion: Our medical escort will be able to provide full assistance during the trip to ensure your safety and comfort, from medical to emergency needs.

Expert monitoring: Our medical escorts are trained professionals with the knowledge and experience to handle the patient's entire in-flight medical care needs. They can stabilize the patient's condition with medication or sedation, and cardiac monitoring if necessary.

We have years of experience assisting patients with medical conditions in dealing with unexpected events or emergencies. Once the initial call is made, we take over the entire process, from logistics to complete medical repatriation, and coordinating with hospitals and family members.

Contact us for an air ambulance from Panama City!

As an experienced air ambulance provider, we ensure that each long-distance patient transportation is safe, quick, and comfortable. We assess all of your requirements before designing the best air ambulance solution for you based on your specific situation. Simply contact us to book an air ambulance from France to the United States. Our expert agents will handle everything after the initial contact.


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