Fly to Germany for your medical procedures

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German hospitals enjoy an excellent reputation among many patients worldwide. Especially in Russia and the CIS countries as well as the rest of Eastern Europe, but also on the Arabian Peninsula and in Asia, Germany is considered one of the top destinations for medical procedures abroad.

Germany as a medical tourism destination

Individuals from Russia and Kazakhstan still constitute the biggest group of patients on the German health care market, while at the same time the number of patients from the Gulf countries has seen the largest increase in recent years.

The following medical areas are particularly sought after in Germany

  • cardiology,
  • neurology,
  • oncology,
  • dentistry,
  • orthopaedics,
  • ophthalmology.

In these areas, patients are often unable to receive high-quality medical treatment in their home countries. Moreover, the German health care system disposes of many internationally renowned institutes and specialists in various disciplines. In particular, the federal states of Berlin, Bavaria and North Rhine-Westphalia benefit strongly from the influx of foreign patients.

The most recent study of the Scientific Institute of the Private Health Care Providers (WIP) confirms the excellent reputation of the German health care system. According to the study, German patients trust their own health care system more than the European average: only 11% of respondents said they would be ready to undergo medical procedures abroad, while the figure in other countries, such as the Netherlands, stands a lot higher at 66%. This comes as no surprise seeing as patients in Germany enjoy the shortest wait times, the fastest access to innovative drugs, free choice of physicians and an extensive list of services covered compared to the rest of Europe.

Ambulance flights to Germany 

Based on years of experience, we can only confirm these findings. Aside from hospital transfers for German patients, we perform a significant number of ambulance flights for medical procedures to Germany each year, with the majority of patients coming from the former CIS countries (mostly Russia) as well as the Arabic-speaking world.

Unsurprisingly, they mostly wish to be treated in big and well-known hospitals such as the Charité and the German Heart Centre in Berlin or the Klinikum rechts der Isar and the German Heart Centre in Munich. With regards to the highly specialized treatment of children, the Asklepios Children's Hospital in Sankt Augustin with its many specialized wards, and the German Children's Heart Centre remain popular destinations for our patients. Aside from the many well-known university hospitals, a number of renowned private hospitals in Düsseldorf, Munich, Berlin, Heidelberg etc. rank prominently among our customers. This observation should come as no surprise either and is confirmed by current hospital rankings, on prominent lists such as the well-known Focus Hospital List. In order to receive high-quality medical care in Germany, it is not necessary to head to large urban areas with world-renowned hospitals. Regardless of location, the general level of care in Germany is high, which is also corroborated by this recent study.

Fly to Germany for your medical procedures

Irrespective of whether patients want to fly to Germany because of oncological illness, heart problems or orthopedic treatments, they require a reliable and experienced contact, not only to organize transport, but also to attend to their requests, concerns, and questions. If you would like to be treated in Germany, please contact Medical Air Service directly. Even at very short notice, we will take care of your transport to Germany – if necessary including bed-to-bed service – and help you with any visa and entry requirements. We are also happy to organize your stay at your hospital of choice and communicate with the hospital staff on your behalf. Please find detailed information about our services for international patients here.

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