Evacuation from Pakistan during the flood

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With increasing frequency, regions of the world are being overwhelmed by devastating natural disasters: forest fires, earthquakes, tsunamis and floods. This time, Pakistan has been hit. June to September is the monsoon season in Pakistan. However, this year, the unexpected and unusually heavy rainfall has created massive flash floods in which more than a thousand people have already died.

The situation in Pakistan- Flood, landslides, massive destruction

There is no end in sight to the floods. With forecasts of continuous heavy rain over the next few days, the situation is expected to worsen, leading to further flooding and landslides.

Faisal mosque Pakistan

According to the authorities in Pakistan, a third of the country is already under water. More than 33 million people have been affected by the surge and spread of these vast bodies of water. Many people have lost everything in the floods and have been cut off from the outside world because the local infrastructure has been largely destroyed. Pakistan has declared a state of emergency and has asked for international assistance. Attempts are now being made to evacuate flood victims from the danger zone.

Evacuation from Pakistan with Medical Air Service

In the event of an evacuation from a crisis zone, prompt assistance is needed, but carrying out an evacuation operation in Pakistan is not easy. The roads are completely flooded, which means that driving is no longer an option and it is extremely difficult to reach impacted areas and hence, the people residing there. Such rescue missions are often only possible by air

Thanks to our 24-hour service and our many years of experience, we can arrange an evacuation flight from Pakistan within a very short time. Besides evacuating individuals, we can also transport larger groups of people. We can even reach people in remote places that are usually inaccessible thanks to our helicopters or special aircraft that can take off and land on short runways.

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Excellent on-board medical care during the evacuation

Should the evacuees need medical attention, our experienced medical crew will be at their side throughout the evacuation flight, so that they can be provided with the best possible care and are handed over safely to the doctors who will be treating them at their destination.

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