Are commercial air medical escorts the best solution for you?

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Commercial air medical escorts are amongst the most cost-effective solutions for patients who are not too sick but need medical supervision when traveling. Generally, they are weak or in a stable enough condition to fly on their own. In simple terms, it involves the passenger being accompanied by a medical professional during a trip on a commercial flight.

What are the tasks of a commercial air medical escort? His role is to monitor travelers' condition during the flight, to offer assistance with anything needed and to offer emergency care and treatment if required. 

Are commercial air medical escorts an option if the patient cannot sit upright? 

Usually, the passenger and the medical escort will travel on a commercial flight in Business class. What happens if the patients are in a stable medical condition, but cannot sit upright? One example would be someone suffering from an injury. Can they still travel with the help of commercial air medical escorts? There are two options available:

  • Stretcher: A row of seats is removed and a stretcher will be installed for the patient to lie down during the flight. 
  • PTC: A Patient Transport Compartment contains equipment that can be found in an ambulance and is installed on the plane for patients who are seriously sick. These are applicable for long-distance flights only.patient stretcher 

Important disclaimer: The installation of both of these on commercial planes depends on the airline’s approval and PTC, being a very rare device, means that few transfers are conducted via this method.

How will the journey with a commercial air medical escort be? 

How will your flight be if you choose to travel accompanied by a commercial air medical escort? Choosing this service by Medical Air Service implies that every aspect of the journey is covered, especially if you opt for our bed-to-bed service. Lets’s have a look at the whole journey, right from the booking process. 

  1. You have to take a trip abroad on your own, but you are not fit enough to fly without help or you fell ill abroad and you are too weak to fly back to your home country alone. 
  2. You call one of Medical Air Service’s agents, who during a conversation will listen to your needs and devise the best solution for you. They will also give a first assessment, based on your condition and other factors involved, of an airline company being agreeable to having you onboard a commercial flight. 
  3. Our expert will get in touch with commercial airline companies to find a flight for you. 
  4. If you do not have a ‘fit-to-fly’ certificate, our medical professionals will analyze your medical documentation to evaluate your health and determine whether you are fit-to-fly.
  5. It will liaise with the airline company and communicate your needs if you need to travel via a stretcher or a PTC. 
  6. The airline will evaluate your situation and give its approval to install the stretcher or PTC on the plane. This may take two days. 
  7. If the approval is given, the departure date will be finalized. 
  8. On the departure date, if you have opted for our bed-to-bed service, a ground ambulance/a car will pick you up from either your home or the hospital. 
  9. At the airport, our medical escort will meet you and help you get on board the plane. 
  10. During the whole flight, the expert will be at your side, helping you out, monitoring the situation and offering emergency care if needed
  11. After landing, the commercial air medical escort will help you get off the plane. 
  12. Again, a ground ambulance/car will pick you up from the airport and take you to your destination. 
  13. The medical escort will ensure that you reach the destination safely. 

How much does a medical escort cost? 

One of the most common questions for someone considering this medical flight option is “How much does a medical escort cost?”

While there is no fixed price for a medical escort, it is important to note that a commercial air medical escort is the most cost-effective solution for patients to travel, since you are traveling on an airplane with hundreds of other passengers, hence sharing the price with them. 

The cost of a medical escort varies depending on your situation. At Medical Air Service, we calculate the cost based on your needs so that you do not have to pay extra for something that you do not require. To obtain a quote for our commercial air medical escort service, get in touch with our agents.

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Are commercial air medical escorts the best option for sick people? 

Commercial air medical escorts are perfect for passengers who are in a stable enough medical condition. However, they do have some liabilities. These are: 

  • You cannot choose the departure date; you have to wait for availability of a scheduled flight from a commercial airline, which can be an inconvenience.
  • You are limited to only those airports that commercial flights can access. It might be impossible to land at smaller airports that are closer to your destination
  • A commercial flight is not private. There will be other passengers on board, which can be uncomfortable for the patient
  • It will take more time to board the plane if a stretcher is involved. 
  • There are more inconveniences during transits if the flight is not a direct one. 
  • There is always the risk of not obtaining the airline’s approval for the flight
  • Commercial flights are not the best option for patients requiring intensive care

What are the options for patients requiring intensive care? 

Instead of opting for commercial air medical escorts, patients who are seriously ill and require intensive care would find it most advantageous to travel via an air ambulance. These air jets are like flying ambulances, ensuring that patients can reach their destination safely. 

For one, an air ambulance is always available. You do not have to wait for availability from a commercial airline company, which means that even if you need urgent medical evacuation to another destination, you will be covered. Moreover, if you are medically cleared to fly, there is not the risk of the airline company refusing to have you on board. Added to this is the latest state-of-the-art medical equipment fitted in the air ambulance and the doctors on board on the plane ensuring optimal care is given to patient, and you have the perfect trip for a sick person who urgently needs to travel. 

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