Ambulance flights: worldwide repatriation in case of illness

Wherever you are in the world, unforeseen emergencies and sudden illnesses can scupper your plans for a relaxing holiday or a productive business trip. In many cases a medical repatriation in an aircraft or helicopter may even be necessary. In such exceptional circumstances we will always be there to support you with our specialist knowledge and modern equipment.

worldwide repatriation in case of illness

Fast, reliable and with zero red tape: The Medical Air Service is your experienced partner for medical repatriations by air ambulance , as well as for many other services.

We can help you, your family and your friends – worldwide. Across all national borders, we will provide exactly the help you need at the right time. We will organise a medical repatriation that is tailored to your individual needs. Our bed-to-bed service means that, in addition to the ambulance flight itself, we will also organise the necessary ground transports to the airport and the destination hospital, and relieve you of as much pressure as possible.

We will bring you back home reliably and safely

Depending on the urgency of the situation, the patient's state of health and the route, we at the Medical Air Service can offer various means of transport to bring your loved ones home promptly and safely.

  • Medical repatriation in an ambulance jet: Ambulance jets are used primarily when it comes to urgent medical repatriations on medium to long-haul routes and the patient's condition is serious or unclear. Thanks to our comprehensive bed-to-bed service, we can accompany you from pick up at the foreign clinic to your arrival at the destination hospital.
  • Patient transport in a scheduled airliner: Intensive care transport is not always necessary. If the patient is in a stable condition, a repatriation on board a scheduled aircraft is a sensible and cost-effective option. During the ambulance flight, you will be looked after by an experienced medical team.
  • Patient transfer by helicopter: Ambulance helicopters are always in demand when transport needs to be extremely fast and involves a short flight route. In these cases, we can take you directly to the target hospital without any detours.

Of course, the Medical Air Service always aims to provide you with optimal medical care during the medical repatriation. Not only will we organise your ambulance flight, but will also communicate with the relevant consulates, authorities and hospitals in advance of the medical repatriation. Therefore, any potential language barriers will present no obstacle to your ambulance flight.

Your reliable partner for a safe ambulance flight

When it comes to time-critical ambulance flights, it is important that you can rely on your service provider. We have been working in the medical aviation sector for many years and can offer you precisely the level of safety and security that you need.

We are at your service around the clock: professional support from our Medical Air Service headquarters.

Emergencies are always unforeseen and can be quite a shock, but the Medical Air Service always deals with them swiftly and professionally. We are available to assist you 24/7. Whether you require a time-critical patient transport or a medically accompanied flight aboard a scheduled airliner: with us, you will receive the service you need to ensure a safe medical repatriation.

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