Air ambulance to and from US: Let us take you home!

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Americans love to enjoy life and travel around the world to see new and exciting places. A recent survey showed that there was an 8% rise in US travelers going to international destinations. Many of them did not stray too far away from home and preferred holidaying in Mexico, followed by Canada. Europe was the third most visited destination, followed by the Caribbean and Asia. Whether you choose to go on a lavish cruise or to travel as a backpacker to exotic and faraway destinations, no matter your budget, it’s always important to get travel insurance that fully or partially covers the costs of medical repatriation to the US if the need arises.

Air Ambulance To And From US: Let Us Take You Home!

Why do you need medical repatriation to/from the US?

You may be perfectly healthy when you leave home, but you never know when you might have an accident or suddenly fall ill in a foreign destination. You might not want to be stuck in a strange place with limited medical facilities when your home country,  America,  is renowned for having some of the world’s best hospitals. Should you need to go back home due to an emergency and traveling by a commercial flight is not a solution because of your health condition, Medical Air Service can assist you.

We not only provide air ambulances to evacuate US citizens who fall ill or get injured in foreign destinations but also offer medical repatriation from America. The country has some of the world's best tourist destinations that see an influx of international holidaymakers.

From the Hollywood glitz in Los Angeles and casinos in Vegas to art deco beaches in Miami and theme parks in Orlando, the United States is brimming with world-class tourist destinations that attract visitors throughout the year.

While no one in their wildest dreams thinks about returning back home on a stretcher or wheelchair, unfortunate incidents happen all the time and our friendly and affordable medevac services help in making things easier for you.

How Medical Air Service can help you?

We are an international air ambulance company with a wide network spread across the different parts of the world. Whether you fall sick while taking care of the underprivileged children in Africa, or during a vacation in France, we are fully equipped to arrange medical flights for you in the shortest possible time to get you back to the US.

Similarly, if you suddenly fall sick during your trip to the US, we can reach any part of the country and arrange a medical flight to help you get back home safely. We have alliances with all the major airports and smaller airfields spread across the 50 states of America. This enables us to offer a bed-to-bed service to and from the US without any delays.

What makes us different from others?

There may be several companies offering air ambulance flights to/ from the US but many of them do not cover all destinations, causing further heartache to patients and their families.


Our extensive network of air ambulance services enables us to pick you up from any corner of the world and get you back to the US. We also specialize in medical evacuations from a US hospital to your preferred hospital located anywhere on the map.

We offer services to some of the hard-to-reach areas and our worldwide air ambulance services make us different from others. Our team takes care of the paperwork and getting permissions from local authorities to ensure a smooth medical flight without much waiting time. Some of the other services we offer are:

  • 24/ 7 consulting to answer your queries in many international languages
  • Our medical escort service for commercial airline repatriation
  • Well-equipped jet ambulances and medical airplanes fitted with the latest medical equipment
  • Affordable pricing to fit your budget even if you don’t have an insurance cover
  • Quick and easy ground transportation
  • Different modes of medical flights via ambulance airplanes, jets, or helicopters
  • VIP patient service including special facilities

Whether you are looking for air ambulance services to or from the US, we are fully equipped to provide you with a safe and smooth transit. They say 'there's no place like home' and we can't agree more! Our team is 24/7 at your service to help you get back home to familiar faces and home comfort.

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