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Comprised of more than 7,000 islands, the Philippines is a popular tourist destination for people all around the globe, and many are proud to call the country home for its innumerable beaches, unique landscapes, rich culture, and affordability.

Manila: Jeepney Clock Tower

The country has recently begun investing more heavily in the quality of healthcare they provide to its citizens, upping their budget by over $3 billion in 2020, roughly a 12% increase from the previous year. Citizens of the Philippines are mostly enrolled in the nation’s universal healthcare option, called PhilHealth, and enjoy an affordable, reliable system, the sort of which has been denied to developing economies historically. The majority of expats, however (of which there are nearly 200,000) enroll in private healthcare.

The quality of care ranks 60th in the world, according to the WHO, creating a mixed bag of what the system may have to offer prospective patients. It’s for this reason primarily that natural citizens, expats, and visitors to the Philippines need to be knowledgeable of their options for care and how they could seek care elsewhere if they feel the need to. Medical Air Service is an air ambulance company with over 40 years of medical aviation experiences and offices all over the world. Consider this article as a place of reference to inform you about the services we have to offer, and learn what taking an air ambulance from the Philippines entails.

Why would a Filipino want an air ambulance to another country?

Those who call the Philippines home might seek medical attention beyond their borders for several reasons. While the Philippines does provide a relatively middle-of-the-pack quality of care compared to other nations, it’s important to keep in mind that the economy is growing steadily around 6% per year, and the growth brings with it reductions in poverty and increased consumer spending. The growth of the economy, in contrast to the country’s many challenges, has created an outcry for increased government investment in public goods and services (hence, spending on healthcare is up 13% this year).

Filipinos who cannot afford alternative options are likely very happy with PhilHealth, but those who can, would be wise to seek the level of care available to them around the world. Nearby countries such as Japan, Australia, Thailand, and Malaysia all rank higher in terms of quality of care, for example, and are easily accessible by air ambulance.

Why would a tourist or visitor want an air ambulance to another country?

Patient boarding commercial plane

Tourists, expats, and other visitors in any country, as we’ve written about before, are oftentimes unprepared for unforeseen medical emergencies. Being abroad in a country where you are unfamiliar with the language, local customs, and system more generally can create a situation ripe for panic and poor decision-making. Doing your necessary due diligence is a must for anyone visiting a foreign country for any period of time, and Medical Air Service is here to help those seeking care elsewhere.

Finding comfort in familiarity and being surrounded by loved ones is a necessity for anyone in need of care. But most importantly, many visitors to the Philippines come from countries with a superior health care system and want to be treated back home. Medical Air Service provides an affordable and comprehensive way to make that a reality for anyone visiting the Philippines.

Air ambulance in a private jet or on a commercial flight

Medical Air Service makes it as easy as possible to seek care outside of the Philippines’ borders. Seeking care outside of the country is made easy, safe, and reliable with our help. Passage can be booked for private or commercial travel, and largely depends on the patient’s needs.

For those who can travel comfortably – both for those who can sit upright or need more space to lay down on a stretcher – flying business or commercial is the best option. Medical personnel will accompany our patients to their destination and provide support during the flight.

Passage on an ambulance aircraft may be in the best interest for those who are in critical condition or have more pressing needs. During private air travel with Medical Air Service, care can be provided by teams of medical personnel who are equipped with more advanced medical technology and resources on our company’s medical aircrafts.

How we calculate cost

Nothing is more sinister in healthcare than a lack of transparency and resultant hidden fees. That’s why we emphasize transparent costs. At Medical Air Service we understand that each and every patient has unique needs. To calculate the costs of air ambulance, we consider:

  • Routes traveled and the overall distance of travel, including ground ambulance costs
  • The best fit for both your condition and desires, including what necessary medical personnel will be required, when deciding the type of air ambulance
  • The scope of the fees involved, including any aircraft landing fees and regulatory fees
  • The urgency of your transfer as more time to prepare will allow us to find ways to reduce costs

Our team is available 24/7 to discuss your unique needs. Feel free to contact us to receive a free quote for the services you have in mind!

Why book with Medical Air Service?

Medical Air Service is a leading name in global air ambulance health solutions with world-class customer support, affordable pricing, well-equipped planes and expert medical personnel. Whether seeking in-flight medical care or safe, reliable passage to the care destination of your choice, Medical Air Service is your best option when seeking medical attention outside of the Philippines.

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