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South Africa is an amazing country with a rich history and stunning geography that draws millions of travelers every year. We don’t like to think about illness or injury while we travel, but if you are taking a trip to South Africa, it’s important to know what the medical situation is there and if you might need an air ambulance from South Africa to another country in case the worst should happen.

South Africa has a public health system that offers free treatment at thousands of clinics and hospitals. However, these facilities often fall short of required performance criteria, often due to shortages of medicine and broken equipment as well as a shortage of medical personnel. South Africa has a doctor-patient ratio of 0.9 doctors per 1,000 patients, with many doctors leaving the public sector because of poor working conditions.

Why would a South African native want an air ambulance to another country?

Ambulance jet

People living in South Africa might want an air ambulance to another country for several reasons. Firstly, they may want or require higher quality medical care in another country. They might also have family or close friends who have moved to another country and want to be closer to them during the difficult and stressful period of medical treatment and recovery. If you want to travel from South Africa to another country for medical treatment, taking an air ambulance can offer a safe, comfortable form of travel while providing you with necessary care while en route.

Why would I need an air ambulance from South Africa to another country?

If you are traveling in South Africa and fall ill or get injured, you might need an air ambulance which can safely fly you home for care. You may want to be close to your family and friends while you recover, or your home country might be able to provide treatment in a higher quality medical facility. If you don’t speak Afrikaans or one of the many indigenous South African languages, you may find it difficult to communicate with medical staff. Even if you do speak the language, you might want to return home simply to have an easier time communicating with medical professionals who speak your native language. Whatever your reasons, an air ambulance from South Africa can offer the safest, most comfortable form of travel while suffering through a medical emergency.

Air ambulance in a private jet or on a commercial flight

Traveling in an air ambulance is the safest, most comfortable way for medical patients to travel while receiving in-flight care. Private medical aircraft can be used, or space can be created on a commercial flight to accommodate medical needs. If the patient is stable and can travel sitting upright, we can book Business Class seats for them and an accompanying paramedic or doctor who can provide first aid if needed and offer emotional support during the flight. For patients who are only able to travel lying down, space can be created on a commercial flight by removing seats to make room for a stretcher and medical staff to attend them during the flight. Some patients will require more intensive care or an urgent air ambulance flight and may need to fly in a private ambulance jet equipped with the latest medical equipment and accompanied by a team of medical personnel. A private jet provides the best possible in-flight medical care as well as the shortest lead times, making it ideal for patients in need of intensive care.

How we calculate cost

If you are in need of an air ambulance flight, it’s important for you to understand the cost of taking an air ambulance from South Africa. Because no medical patient or situation is the same, we calculate each service by taking several factors into account including:

  • The distance covered and route taken
  • The type of air ambulance required
  • The patient’s condition and required medical crew
  • Obtaining permissions and clearance from regulatory bodies
  • Airport landing charges
  • Ground ambulance costs

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Why book with Medical Air Service?

Medical Air Service offers a fleet of well-equipped aircraft and an experienced medical team to provide you the best possible in-flight medical care across the world. With tie-ups to major airports and smaller airfields around the world, we can offer the highest quality in-flight care at the most affordable prices from South Africa to wherever you need to go. Our team can also help you plan your trip and can even organize ground transport to meet you and take you to the hospital when you arrive.

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