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The quality of the healthcare system of Romania is among the poorest in Europe. In the years after the fall of communism only few hospitals were built. Thus, many people prefer to cross the border in order to get reliable and fast medical services if they fall severely ill or suffer an injury in Romania. Here is everything you need to know about air ambulance transports from Romania, and the reasons why you might need this service.


Why choose air ambulance

Because of the aforementioned difficult situation of Romania’s public health sector, many patients consider getting their treatment in another country with better facilities. Those countries are often so far away that driving there would almost take a day or is not possible at all.

In such cases, where treatment in another country is more sensible than looking for healthcare in Romania, an air ambulance transport is one of the best options available. Here are some reasons why people would choose air ambulance:

  • Cover more distance faster – Air ambulances are generally way faster than using ambulances via land. Not only this, but you are saving valuable time in crucial situations where every minute counts.
  • Generally safer transport – Air ambulances are a very safe method of transport, so it is even available to many critically-ill patients.
  • Fast deployment – An air ambulance can often be made available on the day of your request or on the following day.

Medical repatriation from Romania

In some cases, tourists who come to Romania do get injured or fall sick. In such uncertain and unfortunate circumstances, they will need a safe way to get proper healthcare. Even though most tourists are covered by international healthcare, it is not always guaranteed that their insurance policy also covers a medical repatriation or just offers a free-of-charge medical treatment in Romania and if the repatriation is covered by the insurance it can sometimes take days before they take any actions. All these reasons and the bad conditions in many Romanian hospitals may call for a quick medical repatriation.

An air ambulance is one of the safest methods of transport for sick or injured travelers, as it is almost risk-free and offers excellent care for the patient throughout the flight. Not only that, but because it is fast, the patients can get the treatment they want faster – hopefully allowing them to get healthy sooner.

How an air ambulance transport works

Air ambulance in an ambulance jet

Ambulance jets are the safest type of air ambulance available. As the name suggests, a patient can hire an entire jet to transport them to a hospital of his or her choice. This is the recommended option for patients that are suffering from issues that need urgent care as an ambulance jet offers similar conditions as a modern intensive care ward. An experienced medical crew travels with the patient and takes care of his well-being.

Air ambulance in a scheduled airliner

Another option, which is more economical, is taking a flight on a regular scheduled airliner. The patient is accompanied by a medical professional. Scheduled airliners are recommended for patients that are not suffering from a disease or injury that requires urgent attention. Do note that it can take at least a day or two to prepare the flight on a scheduled airliner as the airline will use this time to check the patient’s medical status.

For patients that are in a scheduled airliner, there are two options to choose from:

  • Lying down on a stretcher – A stretcher is installed in the passenger cabin for patients who cannot spend the entire flight sitting upright.
  • Sitting upright in business class – Patients who can sit upright for long stretches of time travel in a comfortable business class seat.

Cases where insurance covers air ambulance

There are some cases where your healthcare will be covered by your travel insurance, even if it means using air ambulances. Here are some of the things to check to figure out whether the insurance company will cover the costs for an air ambulance from Romania or not: 

Check your insurance policy

The insurance policy clearly mentions if it covers medical repatriations. Some insurance policies only apply to cases in which a treatment in Romania is impossible. Others also cover repatriations that are not strictly necessary, but still are the most sensible option for the patient.

Check compatible aircraft types

Many insurance companies limit the type of aircraft that can be used to transport a patient. This is to ensure that people do not abuse luxurious aircraft to get to the hospital.

Check how much the insurance covers

Insurance companies often have a limit on how much money they can give to patients who have insured their healthcare. Depending on various conditions, patients can get all of their air ambulance fees covered.

Check if your insurance company covers Romania

Romania is one of the generally more expensive countries for healthcare insurance companies because of the poor quality of the local healthcare system. Thus, some companies generally do not include Romania in their list of countries where insurance is covered by them.

General costs of air ambulance from Romania

If you do not have the necessary insurance or if your insurance refuses to cover the costs, there is still the possibility of paying for an air ambulance out of your own pocket. The cost of an air ambulance usually depends on various factors, like:

  • Destination of the air ambulance
  • Distance traveled
  • Health status of the patient
  • Aircraft type
  • Urgency of the request
  • Number of accompanying persons

That’s why we calculate the costs of each air ambulance mission individually.

Reasons to rely on Medical Air Service

Medical Air Services offer dependable high-quality services for patients all over the world. We provide quality service without breaking the bank - a service that is also compatible with many health-insurance companies. Our fleet of well-equipped air ambulances can be deployed anywhere in Romania – or in any other country – with the shortest of lead times. You can also rely on us to relieve you of all the necessary preparations: If necessary, we will contact the Romanian hospital to get the newest medical updates, we will take care of the applications for all the necessary permits, and we will organize ground ambulances to take the patient from the hospital to the airport and from the destination airport to the admitting hospital.

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