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Are you a travel junkie? Do you plan to travel the world? Or are you a first time traveller? There are several aspects of travelling which you should consider before you plan a trip. Chief among them is your health and safety. If you are travelling to Pakistan soon, you should consider taking a deep look at the country’s healthcare system. This is important in case you fall ill, get injured or develop some medical condition that requires immediate attention.

PakistanPakistan’s Meager Health Facilities

Currently, Pakistan ranks 154th among 195 countries when it comes to the quality and accessibility of healthcare. In addition to this, the country does not have a working emergency medical services network. These statistics do not inspire confidence. So, planning your emergency medical needs are important while travelling in Pakistan. This is where we come in.

Likeliness of an Injury in Travelling

It is important to incorporate safety measures in your travelling plans abroad since you might require traveling back to your country at a moment’s notice. Sudden and unintentional injury or health issues are a global public health hazard. Travelling slightly increases the likelihood of having an injury or a sudden health issue because of the novel environment. Travelling enthusiasts might prevent an injury since they know the precautionary measures etc. but sudden health issues can happen to anyone and especially to patients with chronic diseases. It requires advanced emergency medical assistance and sometimes the patients also need personalized health assistance from their specified doctor or healthcare facility which leaves no option but to go for an emergency medical air service. It has been seen that immediate and timely use of ambulance flight prevents adverse health outcomes in such cases.

Medical Air Service

Medical Air Service provides premier medical emergency flights worldwide. In case you need safe medical return from Pakistan with a professional team, we are at your service 24 hours a day. Our team can ensure your that you return home safely. Our planes can usually pick you up on the same day or on the following day. Though you will be given medical assistance locally at first, you can later choose to or may have to return to your own country for specialized care.

Medical Air Service aims to help when it comes to such emergencies. We provide immediate air ambulance from Pakistan that includes pickup from the hospital, transfer to the airport, accompanying you in your flight to your destination, and transfer to the hospital of your choice. All of these steps are taken with care and under continuous medical supervision.

Choosing to return to your native country in case of a medical emergency can have added benefits. This can ensure that no miscommunication happens as the language barrier is removed. Our medical supervisors are fluent in English and other major languages to guarantee your comfort. Returning to your country can also mean that you will be able to have your family, relatives and friends at your bedside. Presence of loved ones at such a time is vital for quick and effective recovery of a patient.

Are you a Pakistani Resident in need of medical evacuation?

Due to the dire condition of the country’s medical facilities, health tourism is an important part of getting the required medical assistance. If you are a resident of Pakistan and need to travel to foreign countries to meet your health needs. We provide our services to the citizens of Pakistan as well. You may require travelling to Europe, the United States, or India for elective procedures and complex specialized surgeries like cardiac surgery, dental surgery, joint replacement, cosmetic surgery, organ or tissue transplantation, cancer treatment or advanced plastic procedures for burn victims.

This might also be the right option for you if your relatives reside in the country you want to travel to. Emotional and physical support during medical procedures is paramount. We ensure that you travel from your country under the constant medical supervision into your chosen health facilities in foreign countries, where warm company of your relatives awaits.

How does an Air Ambulance work?

Air Ambulance is an aircraft (a fixed wing plane like a commercial plane or a helicopter), which is reinforced with specialized medical equipment. This aircraft is used to transport patients that require medical assistance in a timely and comfortable way. It ensures safe travel over long distances and from remote areas.

Specialized medical equipment with monitoring capabilities makes sure that the patient’s health is kept in check. Highly trained medical staff keeps a close eye in patient when in transit. Air ambulance also carries medications and drugs a patient may require while travelling normally and in a case of emergency.

What are the methods for medical repatriation?

In case of medium or long-distance flights jets and commercial planes are used. For short distanced quicker flights, helicopters are utilized for patient transport.

Our long-distanced Air Ambulance has two distinguished subcategories based on service:

  • Ambulance jet
  • Scheduled airliner

Medical repatriation on a commercial flight

Scheduled airliner or a commercial flight is a commonly used mode of medical travel. It is the cheapest way to ship patients from one location to another. This way is utilized when patient is stable enough to travel. The patient is transported lying down. In case a patient cannot sit, stretchers are used. These stretchers can be easily accommodated in commercial flights by removing some of the equipment and seats on the commercial airliner. We have partnered up with the best airlines to ensure your safety and comfort

Medical repatriation by ambulance flight

Ambulance jets are commonly used for transferring patients almost anywhere in the world, even if the patient is in critical condition. These jets are private and equipped with latest medical facilities. Along with a specialized medical staff, these jets provide quick and safe ways to transport ill patients. In some cases, you can also be accompanied by your loved ones.

An ambulance flight with an ambulance aircraft is the first choice in these cases, because an ambulance jet can be organized much faster. A scheduled flight is only rarely considered; as such a flight requires longer planning time.

Will my insurance cover the cost of an air ambulance?

It is important to note that even the best of medical insurance plans provided by your employer or private medical companies usually do not cover medical repatriation. Different insurance companies have different policies when it comes to medical evacuation. The costs may not be covered partially. The total cost of the amenities provided by the medical evacuation facilitation service depends on several factors like distance travelled, degree of medical supervision required etc. Your insurance provider may cover partial costs for medevac services.

What should I look for in insurance plans

Your insurance plan depends on the region you belong to, your insurance type, and the insurance provider. Your insurance company may only pay for a particular type of medevac vehicle like helicopter or only commercial flight. They may only pay for services they think are necessary. For example, they may not cover some specialized medication or medical equipment. To ensure that the services you are taking up are covered by your insurance, call your insurance provider before you book the medical evac. Ask about what air ambulances are covered under your plan and what kind of services are paid for.

Even when the services are paid for there may be several co-insurances and deductibles involved. This might mean that you have to pay some additional costs other than the services you have used.

Making sure that your Air Ambulance is covered by insurance

Always plan ahead. Read your insurance plan and contact the insurance company or talk to your administrator at your work. This way you can be sure what is covered and what is not. In case medical evacuation services are not provided for, you may ask them to add medical repatriation to the ensured services. You should also make sure that your spouse or partner is covered or not for medical evacuation. Or you could check if you are covered under your spouse’s medical insurance for medical repatriation. 

You should also pay attention that the insurance covers evacuation from a foreign country and not just locally.  You do not want to be stuck in a country which is not covered by your insurance plan. Whether your insurance covers this or not may depend on the costs of the travel.

What will an Air Ambulance cost without insurance?

The cost of an air ambulance from Pakistan is based on several factors. These include the type of aircraft required for evacuation, the specialized medical equipment, trained medical staff accompanying the patient, obtaining clearances from regulatory bodies, airport landing charges, ambulance costs, obtaining special permissions for high risk areas and most importantly the distance to be covered. 

To have a better understanding of what it will cost you, you can contact us for a free consultation at any time.

Why Choose Medical Air Service?

Medical Air Service is a top-of-the-line service that will meet all your emergency medical travel demands. We are equipped with a fleet of aircrafts and helicopters, that are ready to assist you at any time. We provide medical travel services around the world be it small towns or metropolitan cities. We have over 40 years of medical aviation experiences and we operate under ISO 9001 standards.

We do not believe in intermediaries, when it comes to flights or even call assistance. We are a contractual air carrier so we can provide immediate support to you. We assist you in every small query personally.

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