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Nigeria is a beautiful country with stunning landscapes and bustling cities. However, the quality of healthcare services is poor, especially in rural areas. One of the major problems is the density of nurses, midwives, and doctors. The World Health Organization rates the density as 1.95 healthcare workers for every 1,000 people in the country. In addition to having low density of healthcare professionals, the health workforce is concentrated in urban areas such as Lagos, making it even more difficult to find access to good healthcare in rural areas.


Why would a Nigerian want an air ambulance to another country?

Native residents of Nigeria might choose to travel in an air ambulance to another for several reasons. They may wish to travel to a country with higher quality medical facilities, particularly if they live in an area where it is difficult to access quality medical care. Native Nigerians may also have family who have moved to another country, such as Great Britain, and decide to travel to be closer to them during a difficult period of medical treatment and recovery. If you have to travel outside of Nigeria for medical treatment, an air ambulance can provide you with necessary care while on route and ensure you travel safely and comfortably.

Why would I need an air ambulance from Nigeria to another country?

It’s not pleasant to think about, but injuries and serious illness can occur while traveling. If you are traveling to Nigeria, you should be aware of air ambulance options which can fly you home for care. You may choose to travel home to receive treatment in a better-quality medical facility than those available where you’re traveling. You may also find it difficult to communicate with medical staff while visiting another country even if you speak the language and wish to return home where medical professionals speak your native language. Lastly, it is difficult to go through serious medical treatment away from a support network of family and close friends, and you may choose to take an air ambulance from Nigeria to be close to this group who can help you through your medical treatment and recovery.

Air ambulance in a private jet or commercial flight

Air ambulance

While people often travel on their own to receive medical care, the safest means of patient transport is with an air ambulance. When traveling in an air ambulance, there are two forms of aircraft available, an ambulance jet or space on a scheduled commercial flight accompanied by medical personnel. Traveling on a scheduled flight is cheaper than on a private ambulance jet. However, a private jet outfitted with the latest medical equipment provides the best in-flight medical care and has shorter lead times than commercial flights. Depending on the patient’s condition, a private ambulance jet may be necessary or simply a better option.

In other cases, however, the best option is traveling on a commercial flight accompanied by medical personnel. Patients who can travel sitting upright can utilize a regular Business Class seat accompanied by a doctor or paramedic who can provide emotional support during the flight and first-aid care if needed. For patients who are stable and able to travel lying down but not sitting, space can be reserved on a scheduled plane with seats removed to make room from a stretcher and accompanying medical staff as well as screens installed to ensure the patient’s privacy.

What air ambulance services will my insurance cover?

If you need to utilize air ambulance services, it’s good to have an understanding of your insurance coverages. Each insurance provider treats air ambulance services differently. Some cover all services and associated costs, while others place limitations on services they deem unnecessary. Contact your insurance provider before traveling to determine which air ambulance services are covered under your current plan. Special coverage may also be available if your current plan has minimal to no coverage. Our Medical Air Service team is also available to help you understand which of our services are covered under your policy.

How we calculate cost

With or without insurance, it’s good to be aware of the potential costs for air ambulance services.  Because each patient’s medical needs are unique, our team calculates costs on an individual basis, with several factors contributing to the final cost. Possible factors that influence cost include:

  • The distance covered and route taken
  • The patient’s state of health
  • The number of friends and family accompanying the patient
  • The type of air ambulance required
  • The urgency of the request

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Why book with Medical Air Service?

If you need an air ambulance from Nigeria, there are several reasons why Medical Air Service is the best choice for you. With tie-ups to major airports as well as smaller airfields, we can offer service across the world, and our team can help you plan and organize ground transport to ensure you get exactly where you need to go. We provide the best in-flight medical care with a fleet of well-equipped aircraft and an experienced medical team and can offer the most affordable prices for air ambulances services around the world.

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