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Who wouldn’t enjoy a trip to Malaysia? Where else would you find such breathtaking beaches and elegant guest service? But before travelling consider taking a look at the country’s healthcare facilities. Being proactive is a much better approach than being reactive. As such a medical emergency can happen at any time also. So, it is important that you are familiar with the country’s medical facilities and the quality of their medical team. You can fall ill, get an injury or develop a medical condition that may need immediate medical attention.

It is important to incorporate safety measures in your travelling plans abroad since you might require travelling back to your country at a moment’s notice. Sudden and unintentional injury or health issues are a global public health hazard. Travelling slightly increases the likelihood of having an injury or a sudden health issue because of the novel environment.

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

According to the International Living website, among top six countries that obtained the best ratings in the category of Best Healthcare in the World for this year, Malaysia ranked first with its world-class healthcare services and sophisticated infrastructure.

Malaysia has excellent healthcare facilities but you may want to travel to your own country to get medical assistance. This can be due to a variety of reasons such as:

  • You want to be near your loved ones
  • You trust your own physician more
  • You want to get surgery from a particular medical professional
  • You want to be near home
  • You have difficulties communicating with the medical personnel
  • Your health insurance doesn’t cover the costs of a treatment in Malaysia

You can get first aid locally and then travel back to your own country. It is important to incorporate this safety measure in your plans as you may be required to travel back to your country at a moment’s notice. That is where we come in, ready at a moments notice to provide leading Air Ambulance Service.

Medical Air Service is there for you in every country

Medical Air Service provides top-notch medical evacuation services and transport. In case you want to travel from Malaysia to your own home, we are just a call away. We have a professional team that can be at your service 24 hours a day. Medical Air Service can handle any kind of emergency. We provide services like:

  • Pickup from the hospital,
  • Transfer to the airport,
  • Providing you with an ambulance aircraft or accompanying you on your scheduled flight to your destination,
  • Transfer to the hospital of your choice.

All these services are provided under strict medical supervision. Our medical teams are fluent in multiple languages and are always present to support you. Returning to your own country can have the additional benefit of being near your family and loved ones. Relatives and friends during medical recovery can be crucial, their presence at such a time can augment your health.

Are you a Malaysian resident in need of medical evacuation?

Ambulance jet

If you are a patient in Malaysia and need to travel to foreign countries to meet your health needs, we are here to help. We provide our services to the citizens of Malaysia as well. You may want to travel to another country if a leading surgeon is not available in the country. Or you may want to be near someone who lives in another country; a relative who has moved away. Emotional and physical support during medical emergencies is important.

We promise you ease of use, comfort, and efficiency in our services. We will provide best medical care during medical repatriation.

How does an Air Ambulance work?

An air ambulance is an aircraft carrier like helicopter, commercial plane, or private jet that has been retrofitted with medical equipment. This equipment can be specialized according to each individual’s needs. This aircraft can be used to ship patients from one place to another. These planes provide medical repatriation in a timely and comfortable manner. Air ambulances ensure that you can travel from remote areas and take long flights during a medical emergency or after surgery.

What are the common methods of medical repatriation?

Medical evacuation can work with the use of multiple modes of travel such as ambulance jets, or scheduled airliners.

Medical repatriation by ambulance jet

Ambulance jets can be used depending on several factors such as the location of the patient, availability, and patients’ medical condition. These jets are private and equipped with latest medical facilities. Along with a specialized medical staff, these jets provide quick and safe ways to transport ill patients. In most cases, you can also be accompanied by a loved one.

Medical repatriation by a commercial flight

Medical repatriation by a commercial flight

Commercial flights can be used for medical evacuation as well. You can either travel lying down or sitting in a business class seat. Stretchers can be used for lying down. These stretchers can be easily accommodated in commercial flights by removing some of the equipment and seats on the commercial airliner. All of this is done under the supervision of medical staff that will travel with you.

Will my insurance cover the cost of an air ambulance?

Your insurance may or may not cover the expenses of medical evacuation. There are several factors that they might consider, such as:

  • Are travelling within the country or not?
  • Is your medical need urgent enough or not?
  • Can you be treated locally or not?

Even when the costs of air ambulance are covered you may or may not have to pay several co-insurances and deductibles involved. The costs may not be covered partially or fully. The total cost of the amenities provided by the medical evacuation facilitation service depends on several factors like distance travelled, degree of medical supervision required etc. Your insurance provider may cover partial costs for medevac services.

Always plan ahead and talk to your insurance administrator. If you do not have air ambulance privileges, we are happy to negotiate on your behalf. We are just a free consultation away.

What will an Air Ambulance cost without insurance?

Air ambulance business is a costly one just as air travel is. We calculate your bill individually based on factors such as:

  • the type of aircraft required for evacuation,
  • the distance to be covered,
  • the number of accompanying persons,
  • the health situation of the patient,
  • the urgency of your request

Do not worry. We still provide air ambulance services at competitive rates. For a free quotation call or email us right away.

Why choose Medical Air Service for your medical repatriation needs?

  • We provide premier medical emergency flights and non-urgent transfers worldwide.
  • Our team is available 24 hours a day
  • We will ensure that you return to your home safely and in a timely manner
  • We provide immediate evacuation services from every country around the globe
  • We provide best care and that too under continuous medical supervision
  • We are equipped with a fleet of aircrafts and helicopters
  • Our services are extremely affordable, and we offer market competitive rates
  • With 40 years of medical aviation experience we are ready to meet your every demand
  • We operate under ISO 9001 standards

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