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With its diverse natural landscape, emerging vibrant cities, and rich history, Ghana is both an excellent place to visit and call home. Its economy is growing by around seven percentage points annually, and the country has been widely praised for its success in bringing its citizens out of extreme poverty. At the turn of the millennium, Ghana made one of Africa’s most genuine efforts to provide all of its citizens free public healthcare – a dramatic departure from the previous system that required patients to forgo care if they couldn’t afford the standard fees.


Despite this, Ghana’s overall quality of healthcare still languishes in comparison to its global peers: The World Health Organization ranked Ghana in 2018/2019 135th out of 191 ‘developed nations.’ Ghanaians and tourists alike may find reasons to seek medical attention for whatever ailment befalls them in the West African country, but many may desire to do so outside of Ghana’s borders.

It’s for this reason that individuals should be conscious of their options for care and how they could seek it elsewhere if they so desire. Medical Air Service is an air ambulance company with over 40 years of medical aviation experience and offices all over the world. Should you find yourself in Ghana in need of medical attention, consider this article a place of reference to help you make that decision and learn what taking an air ambulance from Ghana entails. 

Why would a Ghanaian want an air ambulance to another country?

Those who call Ghana home might seek medical attention beyond their borders for several reasons. As we’ve mentioned above, although Ghana has made major strides in the quality of medical care it provides its citizens, its growing middle class and larger citizenry will continue to see gaps in the quality of care Ghanaians receive and the care contemporaries and neighbours enjoy.

For example, nearby Burkina Faso, Egypt, Tunisia, and Morocco all ranked higher in terms of quality of care on the same WHO survey, and many other African countries were in close range of Ghana’s ranking. Medical Air Service is a reliable way for Ghanaians to safely enjoy the quality care other nations or cities or even specific hospitals and doctors can provide them.

Furthermore, a significant number of young Ghanaians have left their home country to live elsewhere, for example Nigeria, Great Britain, or the USA. If a relative who has stayed behind falls ill, an air ambulance from Ghana might take the patient to a place where their loved ones are nearby.

Why would a tourist or visitor want an air ambulance to another country?

Medical Equipment

Travelling abroad is stressful, and unfortunately, as we’ve written about before, many travellers don’t do the necessary due diligence when it comes to keeping medical emergencies in mind. Being abroad in a country you do not know very well, possibly amongst people who do not speak the same language, can conceptually be enough of a deterrent for travellers seeking medical care in unfamiliar areas. Most of us find comfort in familiarity and being around loved ones – tourists and natives alike. Most importantly, however, many travellers can expect better medical conditions in their home country and want to return there as quickly as possible after falling ill.

Medical Air Service can get tourists and visitors closer to their loved ones or those that speak their language or share their customs reliably in their time of need.

Air ambulance in a private jet or on a commercial flight

Taking an air ambulance sounds like a much more complicated process than it actually is. When seeking care outside of Ghana, air ambulance is the safest, most reliable, and most cost-effective way to do so. Passage can be booked for private or commercial travel, and largely depends on the patient’s needs.

Flying business or commercial is usually the best option for patients who can sit upright and travel comfortably amongst other people, though space can also be made on commercial flights to accommodate those who need to lay down. Paramedics, doctors, or specialists accompany patients to their destination and provide support during the flight.

For those who may need more intensive or immediate care, passage on a private ambulance jet may be in their best interest. During private air travel with Medical Air Service, care can be provided by teams of personnel who are equipped with more advanced medical technology and resources.

How we calculate cost

At Medical Air Service, we pride ourselves on transparency. We understand that no two people are the same, and that each and every patient has unique needs. To calculate the costs of air ambulance individually, we consider: 

  • The distance of travel and the route taken by air ambulance, as well as any ground ambulance costs – if you leave the ground ambulance also up to us
  • The type of air ambulance that you require and best fits your needs
  • Your specific condition and the sort of care you need, including what necessary medical personnel will be required
  • The scope of the fees involved, including any aircraft landing fees and regulatory fees

Our team is available 24/7 to discuss your unique needs. Feel free to contact us to receive a free quote for the services you have in mind!

Why book with Medical Air Service?

Whether seeking in-flight medical care or safe, reliable passage to the care destination of your choice, Medical Air Service is a leading name in global air ambulance health solutions. With world-class customer support, affordable pricing, well-equipped planes and expert medical personnel, Medical Air Service is your best option when seeking medical attention outside of Ghana.

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