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Canada is a beautiful country: It is a mixture of natural landscape and major cities. Whether you’re traveling to Canada for business, holiday, or another reason, you want to be prepared in case the worst should happen. As part of your preparation, you should consider where you want to receive medical treatment if you fall ill or suffer severe injury and require ongoing treatment. You may choose to travel to another country for care, and depending on the nature of your medical situation, you may need to take an air ambulance from Canada to your destination.


Why would I need an air ambulance from Canada to another country?

People choose to get medical care in another country for several reasons including the quality of care, ease of communication, or to be near friends and relatives. Although Canada has good medical facilities, it may not be the best place to treat your specific medical needs. Depending on the nature of your medical condition and your location, you may want to travel to another country for better quality care, particularly if you need specialized attention.

Additionally, you might find it difficult to communicate with medical staff about your condition and treatment even if you’re proficient in the language of the area you’re visiting. Traveling home where the medical staff speaks your native language might be preferable to you. Finally, but certainly not least important, medical emergencies are times of great stress, doubly so if you don’t have your regular support network of friends and family nearby. Taking an air ambulance from Canada to your home country can provide several advantages during a difficult treatment and recovery. 

Why would a Canadian want an air ambulance to another country?

Travelers aren’t the only people who may need an air ambulance. Often someone may wish to leave their native country for medical treatment, and often for the same reasons as a foreign traveler might. If you’re Canadian, you may want higher quality or specialized medical care that is offered in a different country. Furthermore, if your family is from Canada but has moved to another country, you might want to travel for medical care where they can be near to help and support you. If you do need to travel outside of Canada for medical care, taking an air ambulance can be a good option to ensure you have the proper care while underway. 

Air ambulance in a private jet or commercial flight

When taking an air ambulance, you have multiple travel options available to suit your unique needs. Depending on your medical condition and location it may be appropriate to take a private ambulance jet equipped with the latest medical equipment. An ambulance jet provides the best possible in-flight medical care as well as the shortest lead times. However, often the most appropriate air ambulance method is traveling on a scheduled airliner. If your condition is stable and you are able to travel lying down, you can travel on a commercial flight accompanied by medical staff. Commercial aircraft can accommodate medical passengers by removing some seats to make room for a stretcher and installing a screen to keep you separate from the other passengers and ensure privacy.

What does my insurance cover?

One thing many people don’t consider with their medical insurance is whether their insurance company will cover the costs of an air ambulance. If you need to take an air ambulance from Canada, you’ll want to know your coverage situation. Although some insurance companies will cover all costs associated with medical repatriation, many include limitations on the services they cover. Be sure to check with your insurance provider before traveling to ensure you are covered and that you understand just what your insurance will pay for. If you find that your insurance doesn’t cover an air ambulance, you may be able to add specific coverage before you travel. Our team is also available to discuss your insurance policy and services that will be covered.

How we calculate cost

Air ambulance flights don’t come cheap, and you might worry about the cost, particularly if your insurance doesn’t cover medical travel. Each situation is unique, and we take several factors into account when calculating the costs of an air ambulance. These include:

  • The distance covered and route taken
  • The type of air ambulance required
  • The patient’s condition and required medical crew
  • Obtaining permissions and clearance from regulatory bodies
  • Airport landing charges
  • Ground ambulance costs 

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Why book with Medical Air Service?

When booking an air ambulance from Canada, there are several reasons why Medical Air Service is the right choice for you. We offer service across the world with tie-ups to major airports as well as smaller airfields. Our team can help you plan and organize ground transport as well to get you exactly where you need to go. We have a fleet of well-equipped aircraft and an experienced medical team to offer you the best possible in-flight medical care. Finally, while we aim for the highest quality medical care, we also offer the most affordable prices for air ambulances services around the world.

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