Air Ambulance Flights to England : A Professional Guide

Even in the best of conditions, falling ill or suffering a severe injury adds difficulty and stress to your life. This is especially true if you find yourself in need of medical treatment while traveling abroad. Should this be the case, you’ll want to consider taking an air ambulance to England.

Why take an air ambulance to England?

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If you suffer a medical emergency in another country, you’ll of course be taken to the local emergency room until your condition is stable. Often in such an emergency, the medical treatment required lasts long after the incident itself. If you find yourself in this situation, you’ll have a choice to stay where you are or travel somewhere else for your long-term care. Taking an air ambulance to England can offer several advantages. Firstly, depending on where you find yourself, you might want to travel to England for better quality of care. Many countries around the world have top tier medical centers, but many, unfortunately, do not.

Secondly, even if you are in an area with excellent medical care, if English is your native language, you might still choose to take an air ambulance to England to facilitate easier and clearer communication with the medical staff attending you. Even in another predominantly English-speaking country, communicating can sometimes be difficult. If you’ve ever witnessed an English native debating an American on the correct pronunciation of aluminium, you’ll know exactly how true this is. Beyond the normal communication barrier, medical jargon can add a whole extra layer of confusion.

If you have the opportunity, traveling home to England can alleviate some stress from what’s already an extremely stressful circumstance. Finally, you might choose to take an air ambulance to England to be near to friends and relatives who can support you during your treatment and recovery.

Why would a non-English native want an air ambulance to England?

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You may not be an English native and still choose to take an air ambulance to England for many of the same reasons that an English native would. A medical center in England may be able to provide you higher quality or more specialized care than you can get in your home country. You may also have family that has moved to Great Britain and choose to travel to England to be near to your relatives while you receive medical treatment.

Air ambulance in a private jet or commercial flight

Air ambulances can be accessed in different manners, either by booking a private medical jet or traveling on an already scheduled commercial flight. Traveling on a commercial flight is the cheaper method compared to taking an air ambulance.

If your condition is stable and you are able to travel lying down, space can be reserved on a scheduled airliner for your air ambulance. In that case, seats will be removed from the aircraft to make enough space for a stretcher, and a screen will be installed to ensure you can travel privately without being disturbed by the other travelers. You will also be accompanied by medical staff who can monitor you during the flight and ensure you receive all the care you need underway.

The other option is taking a private ambulance jet equipped with the latest medical equipment. This option provides the best possible in-flight medical care as well as the shortest lead times.

Air Ambulance Costs: What does my insurance cover?

Medical insurance is available for air ambulance travel. However, every insurance provider, plan, and country approach medical repatriation differently. Some cover these services in full, while others only cover specific aspects of medical travel deemed essential. To find out which services and how much your insurance plan will cover, reach out to your insurance provider before traveling. If your insurance plan or provider doesn’t automatically cover air ambulance, you may be able to add specific coverage. If you have any additional questions regarding pricing or coverage, our team is available to discuss your policy and services that might be covered.

How we calculate cost

If you don’t have insurance or your insurance doesn’t cover all air ambulance services, you’ll want to understand potential costs of taking an air ambulance to England. Every patient and situation is unique, and several factors contribute to the costs of an air ambulance. These include:

  • The distance covered and route taken
  • The type of air ambulance required
  • The patient’s condition and required medical crew
  • Obtaining permissions and clearance from regulatory bodies
  • Airport landing charges
  • Ground ambulance costs

To get a quote for your specific needs, contact us today.

Why book with Medical Air Service?

When you need an air ambulance to England, Medical Air Service is here to make sure you have everything you need. With a fleet of well-equipped aircraft and an experienced medical team, as well as tie-ups to major airports as well as smaller airfields, we can offer the best possible in-flight medical care across the world. Additionally, our team can help you plan and organize ground transport to meet you and take you exactly where you need to go. Finally, we offer the highest quality in-flight care at the most affordable prices for air ambulance services around the world.

Here is what some of our past customers had to say about their experience with Medical Air Service:

“The service was excellent and communication through the process was amazing.”
Mr. P., May 2020

“Thank you for being prompt and efficient”
Mr. S. D., February 2018

"Many thanks for all the team for their kind support, high professionalism, continuous availability, we appreciate the serious job done to insure safety of travel along with medical  expertise"
Mr. D. H., 2020 (Google My Business)

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