A Guide on Taking an Air Ambulance from Dubai

Should you or a loved one require emergency medical repatriation, an air ambulance from Dubai is one of the fastest ways to transport a critically ill patient

Initial, quick medical attention at local hospitals will often suffice. Later on, however, most patients will typically want to go home for further treatment in their home country. There are a couple of reasons why, including but not limited to: 

  • Perceived quality of care: Some patients may consider the quality of care in their home countries to be more superior, and may need medical repatriation for this reason.
  • Proximity to family & friends: Patients usually want to be back home amongst close friends & family.


Why Should You Take an Air Ambulance from Dubai?

As mentioned previously, the reasons for needing to take an air ambulance are several. For starters, patients can access specialized medical care in their home countries. 

Secondly, air ambulances have evolved to the point where patients can have ICU-level care in transit, thanks to the sophisticated equipment on board. Our air ambulances also come with experienced medical personnel on board including the option to fit in more equipment should the need arise. This kind of flexibility keeps our customer’s safety at the forefront. 

We offer different air ambulance options depending on patient condition. These are: 

Air ambulance jets: This is the fastest option when it comes to patient medevac. Due to the nature of these jets, dispatch is speedy, and patients arrive at their destination quickly. Specialists accompany patients along the flight, and can intervene immediately, if they need to. 

Commercial airline repatriation: This is often the preferred option for patients who aren't critically ill. It is also a low-cost alternative when compared to private air ambulance from Dubai (depending on the flight route, or patient condition). 

Helicopter air ambulance: The flexibility of a helicopter to fly quickly across short distances and land directly at a hospital, cannot be overstated when transporting a seriously ill patient. This convenience provides a great advantage to using helicopters as air ambulances. However, a helicopter has a limited range and is thus only available on short-distance routes. 

Every medevac option listed above comes equipped with standard intensive care equipment, and an experienced intensive care physician to guarantee patient safety and well-being.

How Much Does an Air Ambulance from Dubai Cost?

Price is often the first thing customers ask about. And rightfully so. The bills can quickly pile up unless you make sure you’re getting the best possible deal. 

That said, however, no two cases are similar, and we haven’t seen 2 cases that are 100% identical in the decades that we’ve been operating. Patient requirements vary greatly. Hence why we customize price quotes for every single customer, as opposed to having a blanket one-size-fits-all quote.

Before you take an air ambulance from Dubai, we’d like to give a quick breakdown of how we calculate our prices. 

  • Time and distance: When making the necessary arrangements to safely repatriate a patient, the distance from the patient’s current location to their preferred destination is accounted for. 
  • Medical staff and crew: Typically, our air ambulance comes with an experienced doctor on board. If a patient’s condition requires it, we include additional medical personnel to the flight. 
  • Urgency: Medical emergencies are rarely if ever, planned for. While we are able to act quickly and are available 24/7, the need for quick turnaround such as same-day departures and last-minute bookings may affect the price. 
  • Patient condition: This ultimately determines the number of medical personnel required onboard, the medicine required, and a host of other factors. 
  • Family & Friends: Medical repatriation is often a new experience, and it gives peace of mind having a support network of family and friends traveling with you. Making arrangements to fly with a larger group is accepted, but will drive the cost higher.

About Medical-Air-Service

Do you or a loved one require emergency repatriation services owing to a health condition? Medical Air Service will arrange an air ambulance from Dubai to any location in the world, even on short notice. It’s our specialty! 

While there may be plenty of other air ambulance companies, here’s what’s in it for you should you choose us: 

  1. We’re capable of organizing your flight in a matter of hours for both national and international medical flights alike
  2. Here for you, 24/7
  3. We’re available worldwide, around the clock.
  4. Transparent prices - No illegible or incorrigible clauses. Get in touch for a free, no-obligation consultation.
  5. A multilingual team that knows the customs & cultures of many countries worldwide. Because of this, we’re able to communicate effectively with foreign authorities and know visa and entry regulations extensively.
  6. Ambulances for ground transport as part of our bed-to-bed service

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