Patient transfer

Patient transports by ambulance helicopter

For patients who do not require intensive care support on a flight but who must travel lying down and must be accompanied by medical staff, we provide fully equipped air ambulances staffed with highly qualified personnel. Helicopters are particularly suitable over shorter routes, e.g. within a country, enabling a quick, patient-friendly trip. Our office is staffed by qualified personnel 24/7, and a suitable helicopter can be ready within an hour of you signing a contract with us.

Since helicopters can land at most hospitals, transporting patients by helicopter is very convenient and ensures the shortest possible travel time.

As well as transferring patients between hospitals by helicopter, we can also arrange patient transfers from an air ambulance to a clinic quickly and easily, ensuring a smooth, easy journey for the patient. We also handle all paperwork involved, such as obtaining visas.

Throughout, we offer comprehensive and personal support, since the welfare of the patient is at the heart of our service, and a successful patient repatriation begins with our first consultation, which is of course free.