Organ transport

Organ transport by ambulance helicopterTransporting organs for transplantation is complex and time-sensitive. It requires rapid, secure and economical medical air transport. We have experience of transporting organs in the Eurotransplant Association (Belgium, Germany, Croatia, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Austria, Slovenia) and between its 72 transplantation centres.

Organ transportation is very urgent: organs must arrive at their destination in the shortest possible time, since every second counts for a successful transplant. As well as transporting organs, we also transport blood reserves and plasma with a maximum lead time of 60 minutes. Our staff are available 24/7, and suitable air ambulances are always ready to go.

Our access to an extensive global fleet enables us to minimise waiting times and keep journey times as short as possible. 

For some journeys it is best to combine the flexibility of a helicopter with the speed and range of a jet. A helicopter is not restricted to landing at an airport, so it can collect the freight directly from the hospital or laboratory and fly it to the nearest airfield, where an aircraft will be standing ready. The aircraft will fly the transplant organ or blood reserves to their destination. On arrival, a helicopter will carry out the last part of the journey. In transport chains like this, our expertise, combined with our employees’ commitment and expertise, enables sensitive freight to be transported smoothly, safely and quickly.

If you’d like to arrange a one-off trip or would like to explore the possibility of longer-term collaboration, please contact us. Our air freight specialists are available 24/7 to speak to you.