Doctor shuttles

Transports of teams and medics by ambulance helicopterIn a medical emergency, the quick, efficient transport of teams of doctors and medical equipment to the area affected can save lives.

Our long-standing expertise in the international air ambulance sector means we can react quickly and helpfully to transport doctors within the shortest possible time to the desired location.

Fast reaction times, being open 24/7, and our access to a comprehensive fleet of aircraft allows us to provide the most appropriate aircraft for our clients’ needs. We also never lose sight of the cost of each flight. We can calculate several options for you, from a low-cost helicopter shuttle right up to a VIP helicopter service, and give you a quotation. Our helicopters can land at most hospitals and our fleet can fly 24/7.

For the rapid transfer of specialist doctors or urgently required organs, an air ambulance can be ready to leave as soon as an hour after you have agreed to our contract.

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