Organ transport

Organ transport by ambulance jets

Organ transport requires a quick response time and a global network to ensure an air ambulance can reach the patient in the shortest time possible, wherever they are. Our long-standing experience in chartering air ambulances enables us to supply an aircraft with a lead time of 60 minutes in almost any part of the world for the transportation of organs or other urgent medical freight.

As well as transporting blood reserves by aircraft, we can also arrange the speedy transfer of plasma and frozen section samples (from biopsies). Teams of specialist doctors can be moved equally rapidly. Only experienced personnel and the latest equipment are used for transporting organs and other urgent medical supplies.

If the destination airport can only be reached by slower ground transport, we can speed up the transport chain by using a helicopter. A helicopter can land directly at the hospital, reducing the transit time.

Our modern operations centre is open 24/7 to facilitate international organ transport by day and by night as quickly as possible. We provide reliable transport depending on technical, as well as medical, requirements.