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Fabulous beaches, exotic cities or secluded resorts. Many of the most exclusive holiday destinations are located in remote places. This allows travellers to gain countless new experiences during their holidays, but local medical care is often inadequate.

Especially when pre-existing health conditions are present, the concern for one's own wellbeing and poor healthcare in the holiday country can cast a shadow on even the most luxurious holiday. In addition, in the current situation, the risk of picking up an infection is always in the back of one’s mind. Even when travelling in your own private plane, a safe return journey is not always guaranteed if you happen to fall ill. After all, private jets do not have any medical equipment and are therefore unsuitable for the transfer of a sick traveller. So, should you give up your planned holiday due to the medical risks?

Medical reassurance on holiday

Not at all! With the help of the Medical Air Service, you can fly to your holiday destination without any health worries. We will provide you with your own personal ambulance aircraft at your holiday destination. The plane, the medical team and both pilots will remain on standby throughout your holiday. In case of an emergency, the aircraft will be ready to take off within a very short time. Under medically safe conditions, the ambulance aircraft will fly you to your home country, or to a country of your choice, where you can receive optimal treatment. During the flight, an experienced flight doctor will take care of you and will be using the state-of-the-art medical equipment on board.

In the run-up to the flight, the great advantage is that the ambulance jet’s medical team will be on hand, should you need them. The doctor can immediately conduct a thorough examination and thus decide whether an ambulance flight is sensible and possible for you at that time. This way, the flight doctor can make a first-hand assessment and is not dependent on the reports of local doctors. In addition, the flight doctor can even use the stock of medications on board the ambulance jet before the flight, so that we can also ensure you receive excellent care before take-off.

Swiftly ready for take-off

If the aircraft is only requested at the time it becomes necessary, a positioning flight must first be organised and carried out. Depending on how long the positioning flight turns out to be, the crew must then observe the statutory rest periods, so that the return flight will not be able to take off until the following day. In addition, the whole process of obtaining approvals for the outward and return flights only begins at the time the ambulance aircraft is ordered. Depending on how long the authorities take to grant overflight and landing permits, the ambulance flight can be significantly delayed.

However, if the plane and crew are already on standby at the required location, your ambulance flight can take off within 2 to 3 hours. Since it will only be a one-way flight, significantly fewer permits are required. In addition, many documents can be prepared in advance, which considerably speeds up the bureaucratic processes. Depending on the type and severity of your illness, the time saved here can determine the success of the medical treatment that follows.

Your comfortable ambulance jet

Of course, we will ensure that the ambulance jet not only meets the highest standards from a medical point of view, we will also have a spacious aircraft ready for you, in which there will be plenty of space for your family members, if necessary. The seats offer the comfort you are accustomed to from your private aircraft – including fully adjustable seats, luxurious upholstery and fold-out tables.

The operating range of heavy jets like these is greater than that of other commonly used ambulance aircraft, so that time-consuming refuelling stops can be largely eliminated. This ensures that you will reach your destination in the fastest possible way.

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With our comprehensive service, you won't have to worry about a thing, and can enjoy your holiday undisturbed. In advance of your holiday, we will take care of the necessary permits and will secure a parking slot at the nearest airport. If you need your ambulance jet, simply call us. We will immediately begin preparing for take-off, while the medical team sets out to pick you up from your hotel or villa and accompany you to the airport.

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Having your personal ambulance aircraft on standby ensures you have a worry-free holiday and enables you to be transported quickly and safely in the event of an emergency. Our ambulance flight experts are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and will be happy to advise you. Contact us now:

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