Airports in Taiwan, Province of China

Kinmen AirportRCBS, KNHKinmen3007 m
Matsu Nangan AirportRCFG, LZNNangan1579 m
Taitung AirportRCFN, TTTTaitung2438 m
Lyudao AirportRCGI, GNIGreen Island992 m
Kaohsiung International AirportRCKH, KHHKaohsiung3150 m
Chiayi AirportRCKU, CYIChiayi1618 m
Lanyu AirportRCLY, KYDOrchid Island1174 m
Matsu Beigan AirportRCMT, MFKMatsu1150 m
Tainan AirportRCNN, TNNTainan3050 m
Makung AirportRCQC, MZGMakung3000 m
Pingtung North AirportRCSQ, PIFPingtung2442 m
Taipei Songshan AirportRCSS, TSATaipeh-Songshan2605 m
Taiwan Taoyuan International AirportRCTP, TPETaoyuan3660 m
Wang-an AirportRCWA, WOTWonan930 m
Hualien AirportRCYU, HUNHualien2750 m
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