Domestic air ambulance flights: a quick, safe way to fly

Stretcher in a helicopter

Patient transfers within a country are handled quickly, safely and competently using the most appropriate air ambulance planes or ambulance helicopters. Often patients need to be transported to a certain hospital or clinic, or they prefer to be treated in a city that is close to their home, friends and family. In these cases, we can organise transfers by air ambulance at short notice. We also deal with all the paperwork and communicate with embassies and the authorities on your behalf.

For domestic air ambulance flights and patient transfers to countries closeby, we provide medically equipped planes with turboprop engines. This enables us to use smaller landing strips that may be closer to the patient’s desired destination, and which are unsuitable for bigger planes. Naturally, we also offer transport by ambulance helicopter within a country, since many hospitals have helipads so we can land at the hospital of your choice. This is very convenient for urgent intensive care transport. For long-distance flights, we exclusively use ambulance jets with the necessary range and speed.

All planes and helicopters we use for domestic and international medical flights are fitted with permanently installed intensive care units, intensive care monitoring and respiration equipment, and defibrillators. To ensure our patients receive the best possible treatment while airborne, all our flights are accompanied by highly trained medical personnel.

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