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Sometimes, patients can’t access the best medical treatment, or a treatment they want, in their home country. Many patients travel abroad to see the world’s leading experts in oncology, cardiology or neurology. Patients from Eastern Europe, the Middle East or Asia often seek treatment in clinics in Western Europe, as well as in the USA and Israel. There are many reasons to go abroad for medical treatment: often domestic medical care is not adequate, which drives people to look for better treatment abroad. This is known as medical tourism.

Medical Air Service: experts in the medical tourism field

Many people who live in Europe increasingly utilise medical services abroad. Whether our patients wish to travel to Western Europe or the USA, we organise the trip quickly, securely and economically, using the most appropriate means of transport.

If requested, we offer additional services, such as:

  • Helping patients to acquire travel documents
  • interpreter services
  • putting patients in contact with favoured clinics
  • on-site shuttle services for patients and relatives.

Our multilingual staff ensure direct, straightforward communication with patients, relatives and medical personnel internationally. Please rest assured that we will tailor your medical tourism trip to your specific needs.

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