In the case of technical, biological or medical catastrophes, quick assistance is necessary in order to keep any damage to the population as low as possible. Our international operations centre is on alert 24 hours a day, as is our tested partner network. We can provide medical repatriation in large-scale damage events as quickly as possible.

Apart from preventive aeromedical evacuation flights for your family, friends or employees, we can, if necessary, also medevac large groups from crisis regions, and fly them to their desired destination for medical post-treatment.

Whenever secure, rapid and economical medical evacuations are required, we are your competent partner. We also provide medical repatriation from abroad and patient air transport from crises and war-stricken regions on short notice, minimising any bureaucracy. Renowned airlines, tour operators and other internationally active companies already profit from our comprehensive services.

Regions with poor infrastructure or areas inaccessible by land can also be reached by employing suitable ambulance aircraft (STOL aircraft for rescue flights or evacuation flights and/or helicopters).

Do not hesitate to contact us. We are glad to advise you in advance of any mission you are planning, e.g. your company's deployment in a crisis region. We will also be happy to draw up a preventative aeromedical evacuation plan for you so you are prepared for an emergency.

Call us, send us an email or use our contact form. In our FAQs you will find plenty of information about preparations for, and procedures during, medical evacuations.