Air ambulance USA- The ultimate guide for American travelers

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What is an air ambulance and when do you need one?

550,000: That is the average number of patients using air ambulance services every year in the US, according to the Association of Air Medical Services. Throughout the past decade, the usage of medical flights has grown significantly.

In simple terms, an air ambulance is a plane that is fitted with medical equipment designed for patient transportation. Onboard these medical planes are medical professionals, such as doctors and paramedics to take care of the patient during the plane. 

The air ambulances of Medical Air Service are commonly used for medical evacuation and medical repatriation purposes, both involving flying patients in or out of the US for a variety of reasons. 

The most common reasons behind the use of an air ambulance are to travel out of the US either for more advanced treatment or to travel back to the USA by medical flight to be closer to family and friends or to come back home in the US in case of a medical emergency abroad. 

Important things that you should know about organizing a medical flight to or from the US 

Medical Air Service is an experienced US air ambulance service provider organizing medical flights to and from the US for Americans. For medical repatriation purposes, an air ambulance is the preferred patient transport option since it is fitted with ICU-like equipment. This guide will explore everything you need to know about air medical transfer, such as air ambulance costs or Covid-19 medical flights. 

air ambulance plane and ground ambulance

Why would Americans on vacation abroad need a US air ambulance or a medical flight? 

Whether you are on vacation or on business abroad, the usage of air ambulances might be inevitable in case of a medical emergency for patient transportation. 

Americans on vacation abroad may, unfortunately, become victims of accidents or other misfortunes causing them to become injured or sick. Obtaining emergency treatment in the destination country is always the next step in case of a medical emergency, but what happens after that? 

In most cases, Americans prefer to come back to the US either to obtain advanced medical treatment, for long-term treatment or to recover at home. Why so? Depending on the country that they are in, quality care may not be available. Certain countries, especially underdeveloped ones, do not have any appropriate healthcare system in place. In other cases, treatment abroad might be too expensive for Americans since their insurance coverage might not be applicable. 

Benefits of obtaining further medical care in the US

Despite the fact that the United States has one of the most expensive healthcare systems in the world, Americans are often covered by insurance which takes care of the costs associated to their medical interventions. It should be noted that in contrast to other countries, the US spends significantly more on healthcare, with the goal to deliver better outcomes and to offer Americans higher quality care.

What are some key benefits that Americans can enjoy if they choose to come back to the US to obtain furthe medical treatment or care?

  • High-level treatment: The standard of treatment and care available in the US is of a very high quality, with experts, equipped with the latest medical equipment and technology, caring for patients.
  • Leading research hub: Leading medical research centers like Mayo Clinic and Harvard Medical School are constantly researching new technologies, advanced treatments and drugs to offer more efficient care.
  • Access to medical history: Americans, especially those with an existing medical condition, must take into consideration their medical history while undergoing treatment. This will help prevent allergic incidents and deliver more efficient treatment.
  • Short waiting times to see specialists: The US boasts of short waiting times to see specialists. Thus, you can obtain treatment more quickly.
  • Moral support: Instead of being alone in a foreign country, you will benefit from the moral support of your family and friends back in the US.
  • Faster recovery: Being in a familiar environment close to your loved ones helps with the recovery process. 

doctor and patient

Popular vacation spots for Americans where USA Medical Repatriation and air medical transfer are often required

Whether it is for summer vacations, spring break or any short or long-term holidays, Americans prefer to pack their bags and leave their home. What are some popular travel destinations for Americans?

Americans on vacation in another US state 

With the US being so vast, Americans have the benefit of being able to travel to another state for their vacation. The culture and way of life itself between East Coast, the West Coast are so disparate that domestic tourism is quite high in the US. Another major contributor being that domestic travel is quite affordable, in comparison to flying to another continent. 

Some popular domestic travel destinations for Americans are: 

  • Florida: Orlando, Miami and Panama City Beach have always been a favourite for Americans. With its sunny weather, beaches, Disney World, theme parks and other fun attractions, Florida is on the wish list of many.
  • Las Vegas: Those looking for the extravagant lifestyle for a couple of days head to Las Vegas for their vacations. Flashy hotels, all-day casinos, pool parties… Las Vegas has everything to offer to Americans looking for fun, especially during springbreak. 
  • California: Los Angeles appeals to everyone: movie lovers, thrill seekers or even those looking for a retreat in nature. 
  • New York: is perfect for those looking to experience the thrill of big city life. Visit the Central Park, Broadway, the Empire State Building and enjoy delicacies in world-class restaurants. 
  • Hawaii: This tropical paradise is easily accessible to Americans. They can enjoy sunny weather, pristine beaches, volcanoes and a laid-back island lifestyle. 
  • Washington D.C: A lot of Americans, passionate about culture and history, visit Washington D.C for its iconic sights, historical attractions and world-class museums. 
  • Mexico: Located in the Southern portion of North America, Mexico offers Americans a completely different but rich cultural lifestyle, without forgetting amazing natural landscapes and beaches. 

Americans in the Caribbean 

Tourism in the Caribbean is a booming sector because of its breathtaking landscapes, pristine beaches and crystal clear sea. It is considered a paradisiac trope for travelers seeking good weather and unforgettable experiences. In fact, the Caribbean Islands is the top destination for Americans looking to escape the harsh winter, so much so that a lot of US citizens have retired there, opting for a permanent vacation! 

Some of the top Caribbean destinations for American travelers are: 

  • Aruba
  • Jamaica
  • Barbados
  • The Bahamas
  • Antigua and Barbuda
  • Dominica
  • Puerto Rico
  • British Virgin Islands

American on vacation

Americans on vacation in South America 

Visiting South America is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Whether you are looking for a budget travel destination or something more luxurious, South America has something to offer. Rich culture, tradition, history, vibrant lifestyle, great music and good food. This might summarize the perfect holiday for some. If South America had to be described in one word, it would be “colourful” and many Americans are spellbound by the diversity in South America that one visit is not enough. 

Top South American countries for American travelers are:

  • Colombia: offering a mix of Caribbean beaches, snow-capped mountains, rainforest and gorgeous landscapes
  • Brazil: besides Rio de Janeiro, which is popular among both tourists and business travelers, other cities such as Sao Paulo and its pristine beaches attract a lot of travelers. 
  • Argentina: enjoy a unique geographical landscape, interesting history, distinct culture, a myriad of activities, colourful and fun festivals, a thriving nightlife and unique local cuisine. 
  • Ecuador: is considered as the country offering a “taste of the best of South America”. Explore its historical towns and indigenous markets and revel its stunning landscapes and beaches. 
  • Peru: the place where nature is dramatic! Visit ruins of Incas empire, majestic landscapes, mountains, lakes and even part of the Amazon rainforest. 
  • Bolivia: what about snow-capped rugged mountains, dense jungles and never-ending lakes? Bolivia offers the perfect retreat in nature. 

Americans on vacation in Asia 

Stepping into a completely different world, Americans going to Asia have the opportunity to discover interesting cultures, exquisite food, beautiful landscapes, unique architecture, ancient traditions and customs and rare pieces of art. In some Asian countries, the vacation can be seen as a spiritual journey. One of the appeals of Asia is its affordability, which makes it an ideal destination even for globe-tramping backpackers. 


Some of the most popular travel destinations for Americans in Asia are: 

  • Thailand 
  • Japan
  • South Korea
  • Maldives
  • India 
  • Vietnam
  • Malaysia
  • Dubai
  • Singapore
  • Bali
  • China 

Americans on vacation in Africa

Americans looking for a mix of ancient and modern experiences opt for Africa as their travel desitnation. Travelers looking for mystery and adventure can delve into the wildlife, camp in nature or even explore the majestic Sahara Desert. Those looking for the other end of the spectrum can enjoy the hustle bustle of cosmopolitan cities like Cape Town, which nonetheless, offers greate natural picturesque views. Let’s not forget its hundreds of amazing beaches and hot climate. 

Some of the best travel destinations on the African continent are: 

  • Morocco: offering both an African and European feel, with cities like Marrakesh and Fes, Morocco will keep you mesmerized with its sounds, sights and colours. 
  • Egypt: Egyptian pyramids, pharaoh’s tombs and other architectural sites dating back thousands of years attract plenty of tourists worldwide. 
  • South Africa: Safaris, natural reserves, wilderness, the estuarine system or the cosmopolitanism in Cape Town attract thousands of tourists every year
  • Tunisia: offers a mix of European and Arab influences. This sun-soaked destination is perfect for Americans seeking to escape winter. 
  • Kenya is ideal for family holidays, beach vacations, safaris or a wellness retreat.  The stunning beaches in Kenya and its relaxed atmosphere is perfect for those looking to recharge. 
  • Mauritius: Unique fauna and flora, pristine beaches, warm weather, welcoming people… this small island is ideal for vacations all year round. 
  • Seychelles: Whether you are looking for a romantic getaway or a wellness retreat in nature, the sunny beaches of Seychelles allows you to relax fully. 

Americans on vacation in Europe

Despite the fact that Europe is seen as a unified whole, it offers distinct experiences because of its vastness and diverse countries. Each area has its own appeal and aura. The romantic city of Paris, France cannot be compared to the liveliness of Portugal. The different countries offer unique and authentic experiences which are all foreign to the American traveler. Moreover, the general infrastructure in Europe makes it easy for the American tourist to navigate through the different countries. 

Eiffel tower

Some of the top travel destinations for Americans in Europe are: 

  • London, UK
  • Paris, France
  • Rome & Venice, Italy
  • Berlin, Germany
  • Barcelona & Madrid, Spain
  • Prague, Czech Republic
  • Amsterdam, Netherland
  • Athens, Greece
  • Istanbul, Turkey. 

Americans in Australia 

During these past years, Australia has become a popular destination for Americans wishing to look beyond Europe and explore the continent. It has world-class beaches, unique marine life, striking ocean pools and a beach culture that cannot be found anywhere else. Whether you wish to surf its majestic waves, or just revel in the sun on its pristine beaches, you will have to be happy with a vacation in Australia. 

Besides its beaches, Australia is popular because of its culturally charming cities like Melbourne, Sydney or Perth, its diverse landscape and wildlife that is recognized across the globe. With English being the most spoken language, Americans do not have to worry about the language barrier. 

Medical emergencies that may happen to Americans on vacation or on a business trip abroad 

Whether you are abroad on vacation or on business, you are not protected from medical emergencies occurring. In fact, there is a higher risk of you contracting travel diseases. These are any form of illnesses that are linked to your trip abroad. You got this disease specifically because you traveled to a new location. 

Common travel diseases that occur among Americans 

While some travel diseases are harmless and has a quick recovery rate, others can be quite dangerous and even fatal if the appropriate precautions are not taken. 

Some of the most common travel diseases are:

  • Malaria: common in Africa, Central and South America, parts of the Caribbean, Asia, and the South Pacific.
  • Schistomiasis: common in Africa, the Middle East, and some parts of South America, the Caribbean and South-East Asia
  • Lyme disease: most common in North America, Europe, Asia.
  • Typhoid fever: most common in Africa, Asia, the Caribbean and Central and South America. Highest risk in South Asia.
  • Covid-19: a worldwide pandemic
  • Dengue fever: common in the Caribbean, Central and South America, Western Pacific Islands, North Australia, South and South-East Asia, West and Sub-Saharan Africa. 
  • Yellow fever: common in the tropical regions of Africa and South America.
  • Tuberculosis: common in Africa, Asia, Eastern Europe
  • Travelers’diarrhea: highest risk in the Indian subcontinent, North Africa and the Middle East, sub-Saharan Africa and South America.
  • Hepatitis A: common in most of the developing world

Common illnesses among Americans

While travel diseases must be a cause of concern and the appropriate precautionary measures should be taken to prevent any emergency related to these diseases, Americans abroad must be aware of the risks linked to other diseases. 

American patient

Some of the most common illnesses among Americans are:

  • Heart Disease
  • Cancer
  • Chronic Lower Respiratory Diseases (asthma, emphysema, and chronic bronchitis)
  • Diabetes
  • Substance Abuse
  • Influenza and Pneumonia
  • Kidney Disease
  • Alzheimer’s disease

The important thing to know for the American traveler is that these diseases do not come without risks. Flying commercially with these medical conditions can be dangerous, or in some cases, impossible. 

Heart disease

The stress and exertion of taking a plane, the reduced oxygen in the air cabin and other factors associated with the act of flying can further exacerbate your heart condition, causing a heart attack, heart failure or even a stroke mid-flight. 

It should be noted that flying within 2 weeks after a heart attack or a stroke is not recommended. 


Flying commercially in the last stages of cancer is impossible since the patient is not fit enough to travel on a commercial plane and must constantly be monitored, either via medical equipment or doctors. 

Chronic Lower Respiratory Diseases 

The dangers of flying to patients with chronic lower respiratory diseases are related to the cabin pressure in the air cabin. The decreased level of oxygen, while not noticeable for healthy patients, can be detrimental to someone with an existing lung/breathing issue


Flying with diabetes is usually safe if the necessary precautions are taken. For instance, you should request a special diabetic meal and plan your trip properly to avoid any diabetes-related emergency mid-flight. 

Substance abuse

This is a serious cause of concern among Americans going on vacation abroad, especially during spring break. There is a huge number of cases of poisoning related to substance abuse while on vacation. 

Influenza and Pneumonia

While mild cases of influenza do not prevent flying, someone with pneumonia is deemed unfit to fly because of the lower oxygen saturation level in plane cabin. A sea-level flight or additional oxygen in-flight is required. 

Kidney disease

With the appropriate precaution and proper planning, Americans with kidney disease or dialysis patients can travel safely. This depends on their condition and on the airline company’s approval to have a dialysis machine onboard. 

Alzheimer’s diseases

Flying with a mental health problem often requite a medical escort or a private plane in severe cases of disorders. 

Common injuries for Americans abroad 

Injuries are also a common cause of concern. They are so severe in some cases that they prevent the use of limbs and require the patient to become bed-bound. Are injuries frequent on vacation abroad? Yes. If fact, vacationers are at higher risks of being severely injured because of the activities, high-risk or not, common during a vacation.

What are some of the most frequent injuries for Americans abroad? 

  • Sprains and strains from falls
  • Trauma injuries from accidents
  • Drowning 
  • Cuts and wounds
  • Bites and stings from animals 

broken leg

Depending on the severity of your injury and your recovery rate, a commercial flight back home might not be possible

Medical Repatriation by Air Ambulance or Medical Escort: your safe patient transportation option back to the States

Faced with the above-mentioned injuries or diseases, Americans abroad have two options: either recovering at their travel destination or getting back to the US to obtain further medical care and recover.  

Illnesses such as a mild influenza allow for a fairly quick recovery, permitting the patient to enjoy the rest of their trip after some rest and medications. Nonetheless, the situation is different for more serious diseases preventing the traveler from conducting normal day-to-day activities. In that case, considering the benefits mentioned above, a trip back home is the most logical option. This process of getting back home is called medical repatriation. 

To put it simply, medical repatriation is the transport back home of someone who got sick or injured abroad and needs to come back to the US either to obtain treatment or to recover

Medical repatriation requires the necessary resources to transport the patient without compromising on his health. Depending on the patient’s condition, a vehicle fitted with medical equipment and doctors and paramedics are required. 

Medical Air Service has different types of patient transportation options that are suitable for medical repatriation. These will be explored below. 

Medical evacuation: getting out of the US for medical treatment 

Having similarities to the concept of medical repatriation is medical evacuation. Medical evacuation is also a form of patient transport. However, this option is to get out of the US. 

Medical evacuation is the idea of traveling out of your home country to obtain medical treatment or for any other personal reason in another location

Considering that the US has one of the best healthcare systems in the world, it might seem surprising that a huge number of Americans go abroad to obtain medical treatment or care. One of the main reasons behind this is that treatment in the US is extremely expensive. In cases where a particular treatment is not covered by insurance, Americans opt to travel out of the US in countries where the quality of health services is good and the cost is affordable. 

In other cases, especially in life and death situations where no other treatment is available, some people travel abroad in countries offering experimental or more advanced technology not available in the US

The idea of moving closer to family, especially among the elderly, who have settled down in another country is also a common reason for medical evacuation. 

air ambulance equipment

Medical tourism USA

Under the idea of medical evacuation is the concept of medical tourism. A simple definition of medical tourism is when someone travels to another country for medical care. 

Medical tourism is significant in the US, affecting both Americans going out of the country and foreigners coming in the US to benefit from its healthcare system. For quite some time, the US was considered to be the largest destination market for inbound medical tourists. On the other hand, US residents most commonly travel to Mexico and Canada to obtain medical care. 

While the COVID-19 pandemic had a significant impact on the industry, it seems that the US market is returning back to pre-pandemic levels and more and more foreign patients are coming in to obtain advanced medical care or undergo complex surgery. Recent advancements in medical technology in the US are proving to be beneficial for the industry. 

Considering the huge potential of the medical tourism market in the US, the government and other investors are deploying various strategies to attract medical tourists. These involve collaborating with physicians who are overseas or introducing more inventive health insurance plans to support medical tourism. 

Medical repatriation / medical evacuation options for US citizens 

Both medical repatriation and medical evacuation involve patient transportation, especially long distances. Medical Air Service organizes several forms of patient transportation, depending on the situation of the patient. 

Medical escort USA 

There are several conditions linked to the usage of this USA patient transportation  solution. The medical escort service is for patients who are stable enough to fly commercially and to wait for the flight to be available. When opting for this, you will travel on a commercial plane, accompanied by a medical professional. 

The medical professional will act as both a medical escort and a companion, providing assistance to the patient, overseeing his medical condition and offering reasurrances and comfort throughout the flight. 

Besides waiting for the flight availability, the patient has to wait for the airline company to give its approval for the flight. 

It should be noted that a medical escort is quite limited in its capacity in the sense that it has only an emergency medical kit on hand. 

Air ambulance USA

Our wide network of international medical flights has considerably simplified the way patients are transported to or from the USA. 

medical crew

An Air ambulance is a plane that has been fitted with medical equipment. At Medical Air Service, we use the latest equipment, ensuring maximum safety and convenience for our patients. 

In fact, our US air ambulances act as flying ICUs, with doctors and paramedics on board to provide proper treatment and care to the patient. This form of patient transport can usually transport patients in a critical condition because of the range of medical equipment we have available and the expertise and experience of our in-flight doctors. 

An air ambulance is a private chartered plane, meaning that its departure can be scheduled based on your availability and needs and it offers more privacy and comfort. 

Our special consideration: We make sure to customize the equipment in our air ambulances and to bring in specialist doctors based on your medical condition

Air ambulance helicopter USA

Our air ambulance helicopters, like our air ambulance planes, are flying medical units similar to that of a Rescue plane. They are fitted with medical equipment and all patient transports conducted in an air ambulance helicopter have medical professionals on board. 

Helicopters have two main particularities that demarcate them from air ambulance plane: 

  1. They do not need a landing strip to land. They can land even on hospital roofs or a clear designated space. This means that they can land closer to the patient’s destination, eliminating any form of ground transport. 
  2. They are limited in terms of the distance that they can travel at one go without any fuel stop. Unlike plane, they cannot fly long distances. Hence, they are appropriate for short-range patient transportation only. 

ambulance helicopter

Private jets USA

These are private chartered planes for Americans who do not need any medical attention, but still are unable to, or do not want to, travel via commercial planes. 

Traveling via a commercial plane might be undesirable, impractical or impossible because of several reasons. For instance, asymptomatic cases of COVID-19 may not require any medical attention, but flying commercially would be impossible because of the risk of infecting other passengers. 

As such, a lot of Americans prefer to travel via a private jet for the added level of comfort, convenience and privacy. Like any chartered plane, the departure date can be planned based on your schedule. 

COVID-19 air ambulance 

The impact of COVID-19 on both the health and travel sectors has been immeasurable and unimaginable. Governments across the world were unprepared to deal with the enormity and gravity of this virus. 

At Medical Air Service, we made sure to quickly set up the necessary infrastructure to ensure that we can serve patients efficiently. To enable the transportation of American travelers who have been infected with the coronavirus across the globe, we have deployed special isolation shells on our medical flights

These isolation shells are fitted in our air ambulances. The patient will remain secluded in it throughout the journey, making sure not to contaminate others during the flight. The isolation shells come with special ports that allow doctors and paramedics to administer the necessary treatment to the patient. 

Note: Asymptomatic COVID-19 patients can travel in our special private jets.

Our bed-to-bed service for Americans 

Exclusively designed to eliminate any form of trouble and stress for patients, our bed-to-bed service takes care of ground transportation in both countries. 

Arranging for ground transport, especially ambulances, in a foreign country where you have no notion of how the health system or general infrastructure is, can be quite complex and unnerving, especially if you or your family members are not in the perfect of health. We take care of this for you via our bed-to-bed service. This involves picking you up from your bedside and dropping you off at your bedside in the destination country

ground ambulance

On the day of the flight, our team will pick you from either your home/hotel/hospital/clinic in a ground ambulance. You will be driven to the airport. There, an ambulance plane will already be waiting for you. So, there is minimal waiting time and you do not have to worry about boarding procedures. The medical team will take care of transferring you to the air ambulance plane. 

After landing, the same procedure will be reversed. You will be transferred into a ground ambulance that will already be waiting for you at the airport and driven to your destinatination. Our bed-to-bed service involves minimum fuss for you while ensuring the most efficient and safe patient transportation possible. 

Air ambulance services for mental health patients in the US

Mental health is as important, and can be as dangerous, as your physical health. In fact, it can be even more disruptive to a patient’s day-to-day activities. This medical deficiency is extremely common in the US. 

According to data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and as stated on their website: 

  • More than 50% [Americans] will be diagnosed with a mental illness or disorder at some point in their lifetime.
  • 1 in 5 Americans will experience a mental illness in a given year.
  • 1 in 5 children, either currently or at some point during their life, have had a seriously debilitating mental illness.
  • 1 in 25 Americans lives with a serious mental illness, such as schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, or major depression.

Traveling with a mental disorder is possible, given the right condition and the necessary precautions are taken. One of the three main health emergencies in-flight is mental illness, which points out the importance of taking the necessary safety measures before flying. 

mental health patient

While mild psychiatric issues and patients who are in a stable condition allow flying commercially, it is imperative to ensure that they are supervised throughout the flight to prevent psychotic decompensation, which can be triggered by the act of traveling. 

US medical escort for mental health patients 

Mental health patients who are fit to fly commercially but are in a vulnerable position are advised to fly with a medical escort. For instance, Americans with post-stress traumatic stress disorder or anxiety disorder will benefit from the supervision, assistance and care of our expert medical escort, who will provide reassurances to the patient throughout the flight and will also monitor his condition. 

US air ambulance for mental health patients 

Flying commercially might not be possible for patients with several mental health issues causing uncontrollable and violent behaviour due to the unpredictable nature of their disease. Some examples of this are schizophrenia and bipolar affective disorders. 

Needing constant medical care and supervision, they need to travel in a private US air ambulance plane with specialist doctors on board to take care of them and ensure that their medical condition does not deteriorate during the flight. 

Important: commercial airline companies have the right to refuse access to mental health patients onboard their plane if they believe that the patient will cause disturbance to other passengers or the flight. 

State-to-State medical travel for American patients (Domestic patient Transportation)

Patient transportation does not only mean going out of the US or coming in the US from another country. Americans often travel interstate either for business or pleasure. Domestic tourism is huge in the US, with travelers spending their holidays in another state for some amazing discovery at a small cost or visiting family members in another state. In case of a medical emergency when they are out of state, patient transportation back home is required. 

Traveling across states to obtain medical care is also not uncommon for Americans, especially when requiring specialist treatment or care. The US is home to world-famous hospitals, clinics and doctors. Both international medical tourists and domestic travel tourists travel across continents and states to benefit from these medical facilities. 

Some of the best hospitals in the US, according to 2022 rankings are:

  • Mayo Clinic: in Rochester, MinnesotaMinnesota, specializing in cancer, cardiology and heart surgery, gynecology, orthopedics, pulmonology and others.
  • Cedars-Sinai Medical Center: in Los Angeles, California, specializing in gastroenterology and GI surgery, cardiology and heart surgery, orthopedics, pulmonology, cancer, and gynecology among others. 
  • NYU Langone Hospitals in New York, NY, specializing in cardiology, dermatology, endocrinology, gastroenterology, gynecology, cardiology and heart surgery. 
  • Cleveland Clinic: in Cleveland, Ohio specializing in heart care, gastroenterology, neurology, urology, as well as maternity, NICU and imaging services.
  • Johns Hopkins Hospital: in Baltimore, Maryland specializing in ear, nose & throat, neurology and neurosurgery, psychiatry,rheumatology, ophthalmology, urology , cancer and others. 
  • UCLA Medical Center: in Los Angeles, California specializing in diabetes and endocrinology, gastroenterology/gastrointestinal surgery, geriatrics, pulmonology and lung surgery and others. 

mayo clinic

With these hospitals treating celebrities and the likes, they attract patients from both across the world and in the US. For Americans, depending on where they live, they can opt for short-distance or long-distance patient transport, either in a ground ambulance, US ambulance helicopter or US ambulance plane. 

Air ambulance cost: how much does a US air ambulance cost? 

Now comes the big question: How much does an air ambulance cost? 

To make sure that patients pay a fair price and that they are not overburdened with fees, we customize price of the air ambulance for each case, after a first consultation session with the client. 

Our agents will take note of your situation and work out a customized air ambulance quote for you. This is completely free and non-binding. The quote will be calculated based on: 

  • The flight route
  • The patient’s medical condition, determining the medical equipment needed
  • The urgency of the mission
  • The size of the plane
  • The number of accompanying persons (impacting on the size of the plane)
  • Ground transportation

It should be noted that in some cases medical insurance or travel insurance covers the cost of the medical evacuation/ medical repatriation. However, this is dependent on the coverage taken and the stipulations in your contract. Be careful to read the fine prints of your insurance coverage before signing your contract. 

Note: Medicare does not always cover air ambulances. This is dependent on the Medicare plan taken and a review of each case to determine if an air ambulance is really necessary. 

Cheap medical flights to or from America: saving on your air ambulance costs

Despite our efforts to ensure that air ambulance services are accessible to all, the price of a medical flight is higher than a normal commercial flight. 

We have worked out some tips and tricks to reduce the cost of your medical flight

  1. Opt for a smaller airplane; a bigger airplane would require more fuel 
  2. Plan your flight in advance: this will allow us to device the most cost-optimized option for you
  3. Fly with a medical escort on a commercial flight if possible
  4. Select a destination that is closer to where you are

If you have difficulties to cover the costs of your air ambulance fees, you can consider alternative funding options, such as crowdfunding or a medical loan, if necessary. 

Benefits of our US air ambulances - what are the advantages of our medical transport plane? 

The growth of the air ambulance industry during the past few years is mostly due to the unmatched benefits that medical flights can offer to patients. In many cases, air ambulances are the only means through which some can obtain the necessary care to recover and survive

air ambulance plane

At Medical Air Service, we make sure to offer patients an unrivaled level of comfort, convenience and satisfaction in our services. We are dedicated to organize the most smooth patient transport, involving minimum trouble on your part. 

Key benefits of Medical Air Service’s US air ambulance service for Americans are: 

  • Our air ambulance operate worldwide, even in remote areas
  • Our air ambulances are equipped with the latest medical equipment
  • Our medical flights have doctors and paramedics onboard to care for the patient
  • We can equip our flights with specialized medical equipment based on your needs
  • We offer free consultation sessions with aviation experts
  • We have agents working 24/7 to advise you and organize your patient transport
  • Our aviation agents are multilingual, eliminating language barriers
  • We offer fast patient transport across the globe
  • We can usually deploy an air ambulance on the day of the booking has been made or on the following day
  • We have different types of US air ambulance services that you can select based on your medical needs
  • Our agents will design a customized air ambulance solution for you 
  • You pay for only what you need: we customize the cost according to your route and needs
  • No hidden fees- Complete transparency
  • We offer ground transportation in both countries- bed-to-bed service 
  • We are experienced in conducting flights to and from the US

How to book a US air ambulance plane? 

Our booking process is simple and straightforward, ensuring minimal fuss and allowing you more free time to rest and spend with your loved ones. 

To book a US air ambulance plane, you just have to get in touch with us and we will guide you through the rest of the process and assist you. 

  1. Get in touch with us for a free consultation session
  2. Send us some important documents, such as your passport, visa or medical documentaton (if needed)
  3. Proceed with the payment

Our aviation agents will take care of all the necessary procedures, such as arranging for flight permits, dealing with administrative processes, arranging for ground transportation and even scheduling the flight date time and coordinating it with all the parties involved for a smooth process.  

After getting in touch with us, you just have to wait for us to pick you up. 

Feedback from customers: honest testimonials 

Our customers can testify to the expertise of our agents and to our reliability as a worldwide air ambulance service provider. Have a look at some of their feedback. 

“My father was taken ill whilst on holiday and it was clear that he would need to be repatriated by air ambulance. I used Medical Air Services who organised all of the transport needed to get him home in a very short time frame. The logistics were quite complicated but the team excelled keeping me in touch the whole way. Nothing was too much trouble for them.

The service from MAS was exceptional from my very first phone call to my fathers touchdown in London and arrival at the clinic. A big thank you to Ana, Sarah and Devi for always being there and putting my mind at ease during a very stressful time.

I would have no hesitation in recommending MAS to anyone who unfortunately finds themselves in a similar situation.”

“Medical Air Service was wonderful.. With great care, and fully equipped with competent professionals and equipment, they handled the move of my brother from Devon to a London hospital with respect and success. Thank you MAS!”

“Many thanks for all the team for their kind support, high professionalism , continuous availability , we appreciate the serious job done to insure safety of travel along with medical expertise . Thank you to the crew, the medical team and all the flight dispatchers! Great job!”

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Whether you need an air ambulance for medical repatriation to the US or for medical evacuation or medical tourism out of the US or within the US, we are here for you. Our agents will advise you on the best possible medical flight option for your situation and will plan the whole trip. They are available everyday, on a 24-hour basis. 

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